lundi 30 mars 2020

Call to support Gaza against Covid-19: Belgian NGOs

Des ONG belges appel à soutenir Gaza contre Covid-19

Gaza, ALRAY-

Belgian NGOs issued on Sunday a call to lift the siege on Gaza Strip amid the spread of Covid-19 around the world, calling on the Belgian government to take immediate steps.

In a statement issued Sunday, the Belgian NGOs said Belgium must, more than ever, take steps to lift the illegal blockade imposed by Israel on Gaza. It is necessary to send the necessary medical supplies: respirators, intensive care beds, examination kits and all equipment that reduces the risk of coronavirus.

It also called to allow the entry of food and foreign medical workers to help overcome the crisis, saying that the full supply of electricity is also important for health facilities to operate their services properly; the international community must ensure that humanitarian assistance in the region is increased during the crisis.

Belgian NGOs sent a letter entitled " Gaza… almost under complete siege 14 years ago" to the Belgian government, explaining the humanitarian conditions in Gaza.

"reaching Covid-19 to Gaza will be a catastrophe that will lead to unprecedent health and humanitarian crisis," the letter read as Le Soir news paper published. 

The whole world will be under blockade, but Gaza needs more contact with the world since it is under a complete blockade for along time, the letter read.

Viva Salud, Solsoc, Oxfam en Belgique, CNCD-11.11.11 and Broederlijk Delen organizations explained that the humanitarian conditions in Gaza are not able to cope Covid-19, since the super powers in the world were unable to cope Covid-19. Health system in Gaza is vulnerable and most of critical cases are sent to Israel.

" 97% of aquifer in Gaza is polluted, and Gazans do not have access to clean water, most of the people of Gaza lives under the poverty line and thus they could not stay at home without having food supplies." NGOs said.

Eight persons out of ten depend on humanitarian aid, more than 5,000 people lives per square kilometer, Gaza is one of the most densely populated areas in the world and is therefore a viral hell, it noted.

It added that people in Gaza are trying to enhance the preparations to fight the virus with modest means, and in Gaza volunteers, social organizations and companies are on alert, ready to stand together.

The NGOs consider 14 years of siege and the military aggressions are enough to affect the mental health of the people in Gaza.

They stressed that the future of Gaza looks increasingly bleak and getting harder and more difficult to overcome. 

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