jeudi 20 février 2020

China expels foreign journalists as coronavirus deaths climb

La Chine expulse des journalistes étrangers alors que le nombre de décès dus aux coronavirus augmente

Critics call expulsion of Wall Street Journal reporters counterproductive as country grapples with a deadly outbreak.

A police officer attempts to prevent the photographer from taking pictures at a checkpoint
at the Jiujiang Yangtze River Bridge, in Jiangxi province, China [Thomas Peter/Reuters]

Beijing, China - China has ordered the expulsion of three Wall Street Journal reporters as criticism mounts over the country's handling of the coronavirus outbreak, which has so far killed more than 2,000 people and infected close to 75,000 others.

The order, which escalates Beijing's fraught relations with foreign media, came late on Wednesday after the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the publication of racism for publishing an opinion piece with the headline, China is the Real Sick Man of Asia.

"The Chinese people do not welcome media that publish racist statements and smear China with malicious attacks," Geng Shuang, the foreign ministry spokesman, said at a press conference.

It is the first time in the country that multiple members of a foreign media organisation were simultaneously ordered to leave.

The Journal's deputy Beijing bureau chief, Josh Chin, and reporters Chao Deng and Philip Wen, however, were not involved in writing the opinion piece that Beijing found offensive. Like most media organisations, the publication's opinion section and the news department operate separately.

In a statement, the Foreign Correspondents' Club of China said the decision was an "extreme and obvious attempt by the Chinese authorities to intimidate foreign news organisations by taking ret...

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