jeudi 3 janvier 2019

Report: 30,000 Israeli settlers stormed Al-Aqsa in 2018

Rapport: 30 000 colons "israéliens" ont pris d'assaut Al-Aqsa en 2018

Members of an Ultra-Orthodox Jewish family walk at the Jewish quarter
 in Jerusalem's Old City overlooking al-Aqsa Mosque on September
 27, 2018 -(Photo by AHMAD GHARABLI/AFP/Getty Images)

Tens of thousands of Israeli settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque during 2018, the Department of Islamic Waqf (Religious Endowment) in occupied Jerusalem revealed this week.

The department’s director, Azzam Al-Khatib, said 29,801 “Israeli extremists” broke into the holy mosque last year; a 17 per cent increase compared to 2017.

The Israeli raids, Al-Khatib added, were usually facilitated and guarded by Israeli security forces through the mosque’s Al-Mugharbi Gate, which has been under the occupation’s control since 1967.

“All the year’s [2018] statistics indicate the escalation of the Israeli violations against Al-Aqsa,” the Palestinian official said. He described the Israeli violations as a “blatant attack on Al-Aqsa’s sacredness.”

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