samedi 5 janvier 2019

Hamas condemns assault against PA-run TV station, urges authorities to preserve security in Gaza

Le Hamas condamne l'attaque contre la chaîne de télévision dirigée par l'AP exhorte les autorités à préserver la sécurité à Gaza

The Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, whose legal presidential term finished in 2009, and his team are held responsible for the anger and polarization among the Palestinian people resulted from his awful policies against the Gaza Strip.

Unfortunately, Mahmoud Abbas has ignited the fury of the Palestinian people with a set of oppressive actions the last of which was cutting off the salaries of the PA governmental employees, ex-detainees, and wounded Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

Mahmoud Abbas exploits the Palestinian people’s needs and uses their livelihoods as a card to pressure the Gazans to accept his oppressive policies that are in line with the interests of Abbas’ team and the Israeli occupation who collaborate with each other to protect these interests.

Nevertheless, Hamas expresses its rejection to attacking the PA-run Falesteen TV Station-Gaza Office. The movement urges the Palestinian Ministry of Interior in Gaza to investigate that incident and reveal all the findings to the Palestinian people.

We call on the Ministry of Interior in Gaza to tackle any attempts to create chaos and override the law in the strip.

Hamas Movement

January 4, 2019

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