jeudi 29 novembre 2018

Hamas condemns PA’s attempts to stall reconciliation efforts under pretext of “empowering government”

Le Hamas condamne les tentatives de l'Autorité palestinienne de bloquer les efforts de réconciliation sous prétexte de "responsabiliser le gouvernement"

Ghazi Hamad, Hamas leader

Hamas leader Ghazi Hamad reiterated Hamas' willingness to reach a reconciliation deal condemning the PA’s attempts to stall under the pretext of “empowering the national government” as “unacceptable”.

In a press release, Hamad urged the PA President Mahmoud Abbas to take a “serious” stance towards national partnership.

Hamad noted that Hamas started to question Abbas’ position on national partnership after the national consensus government failed to implement all the outcomes of 2017 agreement.

As per the 2011 agreement, Hamas wants the national government to assume its responsibilities and duties and prepare the ground for general elections, Hamad confirmed.

Hamad stressed that his movement has discussed with Fatah joining the Palestinian Liberation Organisation several times, as such body has to represent all the Palestinian people and factions.

He noted that all factions agreed to hold the Interim Leadership Framework, but the PA foiled such move.

Hamad concluded that his movement rejected the PA’s hegemony over national institutions and called for forming a national coalition and a consensus government.

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