mercredi 31 octobre 2018

Gulf states rush to embrace Israel

Les États du Golfe s'empressent d'adopter "israël"

Tamara Nassar

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Oman last week was the most visible sign of Israel’s normalization of ties with Arab states with which it has no formal diplomatic relations.

But it was only the tip of the iceberg, as Israeli delegations fanned out to Qatar and the United Arab Emirates as well.

Netanyahu met with Oman’s ruler Sultan Qaboos and other officials at the Bait al-Baraka royal

Israel’s strategic ally in the Arab world is oppression

L’alliance stratégique d’Israël dans le monde arabe est l’oppression

By fostering ties with Israel as Palestinians continue to suffer, Gulf Arab regimes are failing in their humanitarian and religious duties

Last Friday, as Gaza's soil was coloured with the blood of five martyrs and scores more peaceful protesters were wounded, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visited the Omani capital Muscat - the first such visit by an Israeli leader in two decades.

Days later, Israel’s culture minister, Miri Regev, wore the hijab during a visit to an Abu Dhabi mosque and preached about peace. In the not so distant past, Regev made controversial comments

Israel minister speaks at conference in Dubai

Un ministre israélien prend la parole lors d'une conférence à Dubaï

Israeli Communication Minister Ayoub Kara delivers a speech during the International 
Telecommunication Union Plenipotentiary Conference in Dubai on 29 October, 2018 [Twitter]

Israeli Communication Minister Ayoub Kara yesterday visited the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and delivered a speech in a conference held in Dubai.

Kara, whose country’s army yesterday killed two 13-year-old and one 14-year-old Palestinians who were hunting birds in Gaza, said that “peace and security in every state… with economic and

Replacing Hamas, no Arab country stands to take responsibility for Gaza: Israeli officials

En remplacement de Hamas, aucun pays arabe ne peut assumer la responsabilité de Gaza, ont déclaré des responsables israéliens

Gaza, ALRAY - Israel asked Arab countries to run Gaza strip after occupying Gaza and replace Hamas , Netanyahu, has said there must be a goal for any major military campaign in Gaza, official sources reported Monday.

He said that if there were someone responsible to hand it over to, Israel possibly might have already

Why on earth would Israelis kill Palestinians for fun?

Pourquoi diable les Israéliens tueraient-ils les Palestiniens pour le plaisir?

International mass media is busy in reporting so many different issues most of them not newsworthy, while it is ignoring Israeli mass murder of Palestinians.

While Americans and the rest of the world's attention was focused on the US midterm elections and the mysterious disappearance and murder of Jamal Khashoggi, Israel occupation forces (IOF) and demented illegal Jewish settlers murdered two Palestinians that left 15 orphans and two widows

Whose freedom? Israeli niqab ad for clothing brand sparks controversy

A qui est la liberté? Une publicité israélienne sur le niqab pour une marque de vêtements suscite la controverse

Social media users say campaign, featuring Israeli supermodel throwing off a niqab and hijab and then dancing, is Islamophobic

'Is Iran Here?' asks a new advertisement from Hoodies (screengrab)

A model wearing a face veil pulls it off in an advertisement for Israeli clothing brand Hoodies, under the tagline "Freedom is Basic". But the ad for Hoodies has sparked controversy since it was released on Sunday, with some social media users accusing it of Islamophobia.

The campaign features prominent Israeli supermodel Bar Rafaeli - who is also reportedly a part-

Israeli embassy used fake Facebook profiles to spy on students

L'ambassade israélienne a utilisé de faux profils Facebook pour espionner des étudiants

An Israeli embassy officer spied on student supporters of Palestinian rights, undercover video released exclusively by The Electronic Intifada shows.

Julia Reifkind wrote reports on boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists, which were then

Jerusalem: Israel PM orchestrated mayor-ministerial swap

Jérusalem: le Premier ministre israélien orchestre un échange maire-ministre

Nir Barkat, the Israeli mayor of Jerusalem [Wikipedia]

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has allegedly worked to orchestrate a position swap in which the current Jerusalem mayor would be given a Jerusalem ministerial position.

According to two sources inside the ruling Likud party, Netanyahu promised Jerusalem mayor Nir Barkat that he would become Minister of Jerusalem Affairs if the current minister, Ze’ev Elkin, is

Two Detained Sisters, 14 And 15, Released

Deux sœurs détenues, 14 et 15 ans, libérées

Two sisters, Aseel Bassem Abu Aker and Nisreen Bassem Abu Aker, ages 14 and 15 respectively, were released from detention by Israel on Tuesday, as reported by Maan News.

The sisters were detained by Israeli forces, Monday at dawn, from their home at Aida refugee camp in Bethlehem city. Eighteen additional Palestinians were abducted in various parts of the West Bank

Palestinian prisoner has a baby through smuggled sperm

Un prisonnier palestinien a un bébé grâce au sperme passé en fraude

Prisoners, who smuggle their sperms, are punished by the Israeli prison services.

The wife of a Palestinian prisoner who is being held in Israeli jails gave birth on Monday to his daughter after his sperm was smuggled out of prison.

The Committee of the Families of Palestinian Prisoners said that 38-year-old Fahmi Mashahra’s wife

My husband faced death on hunger strike, but I support his fight against Israeli occupation

Mon mari a fait face à la mort par sa grève de la faim, mais je soutiens sa lutte contre l'occupation israélienne.

Randa Musa

On Monday, Khader Adnan ended his hunger strike after an Israeli military court sentenced him to one year in prison. He has already served 10 months so is due to be released in December. The following piece was written before the ruling.

ARRABEH, Jenin, occupied West Bank - For the past 58 days, my husband, Khader Adnan, has refused a single morsel of food. He has not had anything to drink except water. On Sunday, he

PPS: “Four Detainees Continue Open-Ended Hunger Strike”

PPS: «Quatre détenus continuent une grève de la faim à ciel ouvert»

In a statement released, Tuesday, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS), said four Palestinian detainees, held by Israel, are ongoing with open-ended hunger strikes, in separate Israeli prisons and detention camps.

The PPS said the striking detainees are Saddam Awad, Rezeq Rajoub, Kifah Hattab and Khalil Abu

140 settlers break into Al-Aqsa mosque

140 colons s'introduisent dans la mosquée Al-Aqsa

PNN/ Jerusalem/

140 settlers stormed the Al-Aqsa Mosque on Tuesday, on the side of the Margharba Gate, guarded by Israeli special forces.

Israeli settlers storm Palestinian homes in Al-Khalil

Des colons israéliens prennent d'assaut des maisons palestiniennes à Al-Khalil

The settlers storm the Palestinian homes under the protection of the Israeli occupation forces.

A group of Israeli settlers yesterday raided two Palestinian buildings in Al-Khalil’s Old City, in the south of the occupied West Bank, locking them from the inside.

Reporting Al-Khalil’s Rehabilitation Committee, Quds Press said that the homes in the buildings are owned by Palestinian families Arafa, Al-Hamour, Zaheda and Al-Shurbati.

As Israel deliberates their fate, Khan al-Ahmar’s residents struggle to restore sense of normalcy

Alors que Israël décide de son sort, les habitants de Khan al-Ahmar luttent pour rétablir le sens de la normalité

Khan al-Ahmar, September, 18 2018 (Photo: Thomas Dallal)

After nearly two months on high alert, the fear of imminent demolition permanently lingering in the air, the residents of Khan al-Ahmar and the activists supporting them took a collective, albeit temporary, sigh of relief last week.

When news spread that the Israeli government was postponing the demolition of the village until

Israeli Soldiers Invade Tulkarem, Initiate Searches Of Homes

Des soldats israéliens envahissent Tulkarem et lancent des recherches de maisons

Dozens of Israeli soldiers renewed, on Tuesday at night, the invasion into Shweika area, north of Tulkarem in the northern part of the occupied West Bank, and conducted extensive and violent searches of homes.

Media sources said the soldiers stormed the area while firing dozens of live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets, gas bombs and concussion grenades, while many Palestinian youngsters protested the

US defence chief demands Yemen ceasefire; peace talks in 30 days

Le chef de la défense américaine demande le cessez-le-feu au Yémen et des négociations de paix d'ici 30 jours

James Mattis says the US has watched the bloody conflict 'long enough' and he wants 'dropping of bombs' to stop.

Saudi fighter jets have repeatedly bombed and killed 
Yemeni civilians in its three-year air war [AP]

Top American officials called for a ceasefire in Yemen and demanded warring parties immediately come to the negotiating table.

The comments came as the Saudi-Emirati-led military coalition deployed more than 10,000 new

UAE and Saudi Arabia pushed UN for good publicity in exchange for Yemen aid: Report

Les Emirats Arabes Unis et l'Arabie Saoudite ont demandé à l'ONU d'obtenir une bonne publicité en échange de l'aide du Yémen: rapport

Gulf countries conditioned $930m of aid to Yemen on UN agency seeking positive coverage of that contribution, the Guardian reports

Saudi Arabia and the UAE have sought to mend their public image as anger mounts over Yemen war (AP/File photo)

MEE staff

A United Nations document has revealed that Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates conditioned $930m of aid to Yemen on a UN agency providing favourable publicity for that contribution, the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

According to the leaked document, the Gulf countries said future donations to the UN's OCHA aid agency would be tied to the amount of positive coverage their humanitarian efforts in Yemen

Saudi prince: Coup against King Salman ‘imminent’

Prince saoudien : le coup d'Etat contre le roi Salman est "imminent"

King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud during a cabinet
 session in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on 19 October 2018 [Saudi Press Agency]

Saudi dissident Prince Khalid Bin Farhan Al Saud says he expects a coup to be orchestrated against King Salman and his heir, Prince Mohammed Bin Salman.

“The coming period will witness a coup against the king and the crown prince,” he said while

Is Saudi Arabia protecting whoever ordered Khashoggi's killing?

L'Arabie saoudite protège-t-elle celui qui a ordonné l'assassinat de Khashoggi?

Turkish President Erdogan says the kingdom's investigation into the murder of Saudi journalist must reveal all.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has accused Saudi Arabia of stalling the investigation into the killing of Saudi journalist and government critic Jamal Khashoggi.

Mujtahidd: Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz returns to Saudi Arabia

Mujtahidd: le prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz retourne en Arabie Saoudite

Prince Ahmed bin Abdulaziz

The famous Twitter user Mujtahidd revealed that Ahmed bin Abdulaziz arrived in the capital Riyadh after months of his stay outside the Kingdom.

Mujtahidd mentioned that Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman was welcoming his uncle “but without cameras or protocol.”

Mujtahidd added that Prince Ahmed, King Salman’s brother, has obtained US and European commitments that bin Salman will not pursue him.

Read: WWE wrestling superstar pulls out of Saudi event

Mujtahidd wondered: “But who guarantees that bin Salman would adhere to the pledge?”

Rumours have been circulating over the past period about the situation of Prince Ahmed, and the possibility of his declaration of opposition to the current regime’s policies from outside the Kingdom.

During his stay at a European residence, Prince Ahmed talked to Saudi oppositionists, telling them that the king and his crown prince are responsible for the Yemeni war crisis, which prompted the government to issue an explanation on his behalf via the official news agency.

Jamal Khashoggi case: All the latest updates

Affaire Jamal Khashoggi: toutes les dernières mises à jour

UN rights chief says international investigators must be given access to evidence and witness testimonies.

Saudi Arabia has admitted Jamal Khashoggi was killed inside its consulate in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

Khashoggi - a Saudi writer, US resident, and Washington Post columnist - entered the building on October 2 to obtain documentation certifying he had divorced his ex-wife so he could remarry.

After weeks of repeated denials that it had anything to do with his disappearance, the kingdom eventually acknowledged that the murder was premeditated. The whereabouts of his body are still

Why Khashoggi's murder sparked outrage where countless Saudi crimes did not

Pourquoi l'assassinat de Khashoggi a suscité l'indignation là où d'innombrables crimes saoudiens ne l'ont pas fait

It was Jamal Khashoggi’s proximity to the liberal elite as a columnist for Washington Post that turned his disappearance into an unforgivable act that brought it into the corridors of power

Azad Essa

It’s been almost four weeks since Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, a columnist at the Washington Post, entered through the main doors of the kingdom’s consulate in Istanbul on 2 October never to be seen again.

We now know for certain that he was killed.

mardi 30 octobre 2018

Attentat-suicide de Tunis: Le bilan s’alourdit à 20 blessés

Quinze policiers et 5 civils, dont 2 enfants ont été blessés, déclare à Anadolu le porte-parole de la Sûreté nationale tunisienne.

AA/ Tunis

Le bilan de l'attentat-suicide à perpétré lundi à Tunis s’est alourdi à 20 blessés, a annoncé le porte-parole de la Sûreté nationale tunisienne, le général Walid Hakima.

« Monsieur le Ministre, qu’allez-vous faire pour la libération de Mustapha Awad ? »

Les députés Gwenaëlle Grovonius (PS) et Marco Van Hees (PTB) ont interpellé le ministre des Affaires étrangères le 17 octobre dans la Commission des Relations extérieures 1 à propos de l’arrestation et la détention de Mustapha Awad, citoyen belge,  artiste et cofondateur du Raj’een Dabkeh Group, défenseur des droits humains, ouvrier métallurgiste et résident de la ville d’Alost.

EXCLUSIF : Des centaines de Rohingyas sont emprisonnés « indéfiniment » en Arabie saoudite

Des détenus décrivent les problèmes de santé mentale qui se développent chez certains Rohingyas en raison de leur incarcération prolongée

Des dizaines d’enfants font partie des détenus rohingyas contraints de vivre indéfiniment
dans le centre de détention d’al-Shumaisi à Djeddah, en Arabie saoudite (photo fournie)

Des centaines d’hommes, de femmes et d’enfants rohingyas sont détenus indéfiniment depuis plusieurs années sans inculpation dans un centre de détention en Arabie saoudite.

Conflit israélo-palestinien: Netanyahu pour une médiation étrangère

Le Premier ministre israélien est favorable à une médiation de l’ONU et de l’Égypte entre Israël et le Hamas pour éviter une «crise humanitaire» dans la bande de Gaza, ont indiqué mardi des médias.

Israël : Les Palestiniens indifférents aux élections municipales à Jérusalem

Les habitants de Jérusalem élisent ce mardi le maire et le conseil municipal, mais ce scrutin suscite peu d’engouement chez la communauté palestinienne.

Erdogan: "Nous avons finalisé nos plans d'intervention à l'Est de l'Euphrate"

- "En provoquant le régime et en ressuscitant Daech, ils veulent à nouveau plonger la Syrie dans le sang : nous ne le permettrons jamais", a encore déclaré le Président turc.

AA - Ankara - Tuncay Çakmak

Le Président de la République de Turquie, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, a sous-entendu qu’une opération militaire contre les groupes terroristes présents à l’Est de l’Euphrate en Syrie sera prochainement lancée.

Le conseil central de l’OLP vote en faveur de la suspension de la reconnaissance de l’État d’Israël

L’organe consultatif a voté en faveur de la suspension de tous ses engagements envers les « autorités d’occupation » jusqu’à ce qu’Israël reconnaisse l’État palestinien

Le Conseil a chargé le président Mahmoud Abbas et le comité
exécutif de l’OLP de donner suite à sa décision de lundi (Reuters)

Le conseil central de l’Organisation de libération de la Palestine (OLP) a annoncé, à l’issue d’une réunion lundi soir, qu’il suspendait sa reconnaissance de l’État d’Israël.

Les dictateurs arabes vont à marche forcée vers la normalisation avec l’État sioniste

Bombardement israélien du ghetto de Gaza - Juillet
août 2014 - Photo : Archives

Abdel Bari Atwan – Trois douloureux coups ont été récemment infligés à ce qui restait d’amour-propre aux États arabes.

Le premier était la participation d’une délégation israélienne à un tournoi sportif au Qatar. Le second était l’envoi d’une autre délégation sportive dans l’émirat d’Abou Dhabi, dirigée par la ministre de la Culture israélienne notoirement raciste et haineuse, Miri Regev. Mais le coup le plus dur et le plus

Guterres condamne l’attaque aérienne israélienne tuant trois enfants palestiniens

Le secrétaire général des Nations Unies, Antonio Guterres a condamné l’attaque aérienne israélienne qui a causé la mort de 3 enfants palestiniens à Gaza.

Moscow-Riyadh relations are good, and Khashoggi affair doesn't hurt them

Les relations entre Moscou et Riyad sont bonnes et l'affaire Khashoggi ne leur a fait pas de mal
Under pressure from the West, Saudi Arabia is diversifying its partnerships, and Russia stands to benefit

Alexey Khlebnikov

The fallout from the killing of Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey sparked a flurry of cancellations ahead of Saudi Arabia's investment forum, also known as “Davos in the Desert”, last week. This incident in Istanbul has sparked tensions between Saudi Arabia and some world leaders and businessmen, who

Jamal Khashoggi remembered for being 'a voice of the voiceless'

Jamal Khashoggi se souvient d'avoir été «la voix des sans voix»
At London memorial, journalist's fiancee Hatice Cengiz calls for accountability and for Saudi Arabia to release his body

Hatice Cengiz, the fiancee of Jamal Khashoggi, reacts as she speaks during a 
memorial event at the Mechanical Engineers Institute in London. (AP)
Daniel Hilton

LONDON – Saudi Arabia knows where Jamal Khashoggi’s body is and should release it immediately, his fiancee said on Monday at an event commemorating the murdered journalist.

“It is a human and Islamic demand,” Hatice Cengiz told a crowd of friends, activists, politicians and

REVEALED: Hundreds of Rohingya imprisoned ‘indefinitely’ in Saudi Arabia

Révélation: des centaines de Rohingya emprisonnés «indéfiniment» en Arabie Saoudite

Detainees describe Rohingya developing mental health conditions due to their prolonged detention

Dozens of children are among Rohingya detainees forced to live indefinitely
 inside Shumaisi detention centre in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia (Supplied)
Areeb Ullah

Hundreds of Rohingya men, women, and children have been held indefinitely for several years without charge inside a detention centre in Saudi Arabia.

Many members of the persecuted group came to Saudi Arabia after 2011 on fake passports to flee persecution in Myanmar and earn a living - but they were swept up in a series of crackdowns against

Gaza boys' deaths: 'The light of my life has gone'

Mort des garçons à Gaza: «La lumière de ma vie est partie»

Families of three Palestinian boys killed in an Israeli air strike denounce Israel's claim they were planting a bomb.

by Maram Humaid

At least 218 Palestinians have been killed in protests in 
Gaza since March [Mohammed Salem/Reuters]

Gaza Strip - Families mourned on Tuesday after three teenage boys were killed in an Israeli air strike during a week of tension near the fence with Israel.

Living near the border area, the three boys - Khaled Abu Said, 13, Abdulhamid Abu Daher, 13, and Mohammed Assatri,14 - made their way to set up hunting birds nets on Monday, according to their

Israeli navy kill Palestinian protester, wound 80 others

La marine israélienne tue un manifestant palestinien et en blesse 80 autres
Seven paramedics were among the wounded.

Israeli occupation navy shot and killed on Monday afternoon one Palestinian protester and wounded 80 others in the southern coast of the Gaza Strip, medical sources said.

The Palestinian Red Crescent said in a statement that its paramedics evacuated one Palestinian

Space invaders and Palestinian rights

Les envahisseurs de l'espace et les droits des Palestiniens

Are humans too stupid to avoid an alien invasion? Pexels Images

Philosophers sometimes adopt an alien perspective as a useful way to try to take an objective view of human affairs. It is a thought experiment that I sometimes like to apply to the Palestinian question.

Imagine an alien collecting intelligence on planet Earth in order to determine whether humans are intelligent enough to successfully defend their world from an invasion. Among other barometers, the

BDS: 15 Arab, Islamic countries cooperate with Israel

BDS: 15 pays arabes et islamiques coopèrent avec Israël

Protest outside the David Cup tennis match between Israel and South Africa,
 in Pretoria, South Africa on February 3, 2018 [Facebook / bdssouthafrica]

Twenty per cent of the Arab and Islamic countries possess diplomatic relations with Israel, the anti-Israel Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) global campaign reported yesterday.

“Nine Arab countries possess full diplomatic ties with the Israeli occupation, while six others who are experiencing lower-scale relations with Israel,” BDS said in its recent reports entitled “The reality of

Palestinian prisoner on hunger strike ends protest after sentencing

Un prisonnier palestinien en grève de la faim y met fin après sa condamnation

Khader Adnan began a hunger strike last month in protest of his detention in Israeli jail

Khader Adnan, pictured on hunger strike last year, has staged

 several protests in past years (AFP/File photo)

MEE and agencies

A Palestinian prisoner ended his hunger strike on Monday after an Israeli military court sentenced him to one year in prison, his wife said.

Khader Adnan, 40, has been in detention since last December.

The sentence, handed down by an Israeli military court on Monday, means he is expected to be

Hunger-striking prisoner in Israeli jails suffers major health issues

Un prisonnier en grève de la faim dans les prisons israéliennes souffre de problèmes de santé majeurs
Adnan is protesting against being put under administrative detention.

Hunger-striking Palestinian prisoner Khader Adnan is suffering serious health issues as a result of his 58-day fast, a Palestinian group says.

The Palestinian Prisoner’s Club says Adnan was transferred to a medical clinic after he stopped

Adnan Sentenced to One Year

Adnan condamné à un an

The Israeli military court in Salem, north of the northern occupied West Bank district of Jenin, sentenced Palestinian detainee Khader Adnan to one year in prison, fined him 1,00 shekels ($270) and 18 months suspended sentence for five years, on Monday.

Jawad Boulous, head of the legal department in the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS), said that the

IOF detains 26 Palestinians in WB

Les forces d’occupation israéliennes arrêtent 26 Palestiniens en Cisjordanie

Occupied West Bank, ALRAY – 

The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) detained Monday morning 26 Palestinians during a wide-scale arrest campaign throughout the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli media reported that the IOF arrested, what is dubbed as "Wanted", claimed that they participated in security acts, as they were to be investigated.

The IOF allegedly said that, during inspections, they found M-16 rifle, as it was exported, and they

IOF uproot 200 olive trees, raze lands near Hebron

Les forces d'occupation israéliennes déracinent 200 oliviers et des terres rasées près d'Hébron

PNN/ Hebron/

Israeli occupation forces (IOF) on Monday uprooted 200 olive trees, and uprooted 13 dunums of agricultural land in the town of Beit Ula, west of Hebron.

Head of the Farmers Services Department at the Hebron Agricultural Department Hashim Badarin said that the occupation forces stormed the Khirbet Kharouf area west of the town of Beit Ula, uprooted 200 olive trees planted ten years ago, and destroyed the fence and chains surrounding the

Israeli Forces Demolish Palestinian Home in Jerusalem, Seize Lands in Ramallah

Les forces israéliennes démolissent une maison palestinienne à Jérusalem et saisissent des terres à Ramallah

Israeli occupation bulldozers, on Monday, demolished a Palestinian owned home in Anata village, northeast of Jerusalem, and confiscated hundreds of dunams of land in Budrus village, to the west of Ramallah.

Soldiers demolished a home owned by Saleh Fheidat, in Anata village, under the pretext of building

Israeli settlers close Karam Abu- Salem commercial crossing

Les colons israéliens ferment le carrefour commercial de Karam Abu Salem

Kerem Shalom crossing between Israel and the Gaza Strip [4biaplatform/Twitter]

Dozens of Jewish settlers protested on Monday in front of the Karam Abu- Salem commercial crossing with Gaza Strip and prevented the entry of commercial trucks carrying food and fuel to the besieged Palestinians there.

Israel Channel 2 reported that settlers from the Gaza envelope area have been demonstrating since

PLO Votes to Suspend Recognition of Israel Until It Recognizes Palestinian State

L'OLP décide de suspendre la reconnaissance d'"israël" jusqu'à ce qu'il reconnaisse un État palestinien


The PLO Central Committee voted on Monday to suspend the recognition of Israel until the latter decides to recognize a Palestinian state. The move requires Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ consent.

The decision by the top Palestinian committee calls to end the Palestinian Authority’s security

Israeli Nation-State Law is ‘Apartheid,’ Says Democratic Congresswoman

La loi israélienne sur l'État-nation est de "l'apartheid", déclare une parlementaire démocrate

Coverage by Forward of US Representative Betty McCollum’s groundbreaking speech at USCPR’s 2018 national conference, Together We Rise:

A US Democratic Party congresswoman described Israel’s nation-state law as “apartheid” at a

lundi 29 octobre 2018

Gaza: Un Palestinien tombe en martyr sous les tirs de l’armée israélienne

Mohammed Abu Abada, 27 ans, est tombé en martyr sous les tirs des forces de l'occupation israéliennes, selon le ministère palestinien de la Santé.

AA/ Gaza

Un jeune Palestinien est tombé en martyr, lundi, sous les tirs de l'armée israélienne lors d'une manifestation appelant à la levée du blocus imposé à la Bande de Gaza.

Le porte-parole du ministère de la Santé dans la Bande de Gaza, Achraf al-Qodra, a déclaré dans un communiqué que "Mohammed Abu Abada, 27 ans, résidant au camp de réfugiés de Shati, est tombé