vendredi 28 septembre 2018

Hamas remarks on Abbas’ speech to UNGA

Hamas commente le discours d’Abbas devant l’AGONU

Hamas followed the speech of Mahmoud Abbas to the United Nations General Assembly delivered on Thursday evening. It was mere ‘repeated words’ highlighting the worse conditions resulted from his policies and faults, as he was unable to predict others’ behaviors despite the warnings made by the Palestinian factions and people.

In his speech, Abbas just repeated his demands to the international community, complained about the negligence of the U.S. administration and its bias, and expressed his upset over the refusal of the Israeli Occupation to fulfil its due commitments the occupation had made through PA-Israeli Occupation agreements that led to catastrophic consequences on the Palestinian cause.

Indeed, the speech of Abbas is an explicit announcement of the failure of his policies and a straightforward confession that settlement path will never bring about just solutions or even any accomplishment for the Palestinian people. Regarding his question about the borders of the Israeli Occupation, Abbas would have posed the same question before entering into Oslo Accords and recognizing the Israeli Occupation.

Abbas overlooked the Great Return March in his speech and the great sacrifice the Palestinian people make to resist the occupation.  He also excluded the Gaza Strip and its people when uttering his words before the General Assembly. Accordingly, Abbas deepens the Palestinian split, paves the way for the Israeli Occupation to perpetrate more crimes and killings, and facilitates the implementation of the deal of the century.

The confirmation of Mahmoud Abbas that he is committed to the negotiations with the Israeli Occupation after hundreds of rounds and conferences held for this purpose is just duplication of failure and out-of-charge chance the occupation grabs to expand its settlements, judaize the Islamic holy sites, and vanish the Palestinian right of return through dismantling UNRWA. While all of the above violations are currently in place, Mahmoud Abbas maintains security collaboration with the Israeli occupation and restricts both the resistance and the Palestinian people to expresse their refusal to the Israeli crimes even through popular and peaceful means.

Abbas’ dubbing of the Palestinian resistance as ‘terrorist militias’ while standing before the UNGA is a ‘sharp stab’ to the Palestinian people with all of its history, resistance, and martyrs. Furthermore, he employed this platform to declare isolating the Gaza Strip and to threaten its people of new punitive measures, and this endangers the Palestinian reconciliation, from one hand. On the other hand, such a threat does not go in parallel with the valued efforts exerted by Egypt to reach national unity. Abbas should have supported all these endeavors and declared lifting the sanctions imposed on the Gaza Strip. Therefore, we do hold Abbas responsible for any further ramifications resulted from new punitive measures against the Gaza Strip and its people.

Amid all of the aforementioned facts and challenges, Hamas believes that it is necessary for Abbas to repudiate Oslo path that have proved failed and inflicted overwhelming repercussions on the Palestinian people. In addition, he has to reconsider the unilateralist policy he adopts and listen to the people of Palestine and to the Palestinian factions through opting or reconciliation and implementing of the agreements in this regard, above all 2011. He also has to reunite the Palestinian people and rearrange the internal political situation on the basis of partnership and consensus on a national program to restore our rights and maintain the Palestinian constants. Finally, Abbas must halt the security collaboration and all forms of cooperation with the Israeli Occupation immediately. 

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