lundi 14 mai 2018

Thousands of Palestinians gather near Gaza border fence to participate at Great March of Return

Des milliers de palestiniens se rassemblent près de la barrière frontalière de Gaza pour participer à la Grande Marche du Retour

Al Jazeera - Palestinians in the besieged Gaza Strip are preparing to cross the highly fortified fence separating the enclave from Israel, as part of the Great March of Return movement.

At least 20 people were wounded on Monday morning after “Israel” forces fired live ammunition at protesters assembled near the fence, east of Gaza City.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have already arrived to participate in the rally.

Monday's protest comes ahead of the annual commemorations of the Nakba, or "catastrophe", when the “state of Israel” was established on May 15, 1948, which led to the expulsion of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians from their villages.

The protests were also planned to coincide with the moving of the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, in line with the US' recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of “Israel” in December, furthering stoking tensions and angering Palestinians.

The demonstrations are part of a weeks-long protest calling for the right of return for Palestinian refugees to the areas they were forcibly expelled from in 1948.

About 70 percent of the Gaza Strip's population of two million are descendants of refugees.

Since the protests began on March 30, Israeli forces have killed at least 49 Palestinians in the coastal enclave and wounded more than 8,500. 

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