lundi 14 mai 2018

Nakba: Palestinian Refugees Tell Their Own Stories to the World

Nakba: Les réfugiés palestiniens racontent leurs propres histoires au monde

Palestinian children wrote the names of the villages and cities of their ancestors
that were destroyed by Zionist forces in 1947-48. (Photo: via Social Media)

May 15, 1948, marks the day of the Nakba (‘the Catastrophe’) when over 700,000 Palestinians were expelled from their homes by invading Zionist forces.

Seventy years on, more than 5.5 million refugees scattered all over the Middle East and the world are still waiting to exercise their internationally recognized right to return.

These are some of the stories Palestinian refugees shared by using several hashtags on social media: #OurNakba #Nakba2018 #Nakba70 #NeverForget #MyNakbaStory

Haj Abdul Qader al-Lahham, Beit Atab

Beit Atab was a Palestinian village in the subdistrict of Jerusalem.

After the military assault by Israeli forces in 1948, it was demolished and depopulated.

Its residents were forced to flee to the refugee camps in t...

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