dimanche 29 avril 2018

Washington to give PA money to accept deal of the century

Washington pour donner de l'argent à l'AP pour accepter l'affaire du siècle


Israeli satellite channels said that US secretary of state Mike Pompeo would arrive on Sunday in Israel to start his role as his country’s envoy and mediator for the peace process.

According to their news reports, the new mediator would work on bringing the Palestinian Authority leadership back to the negotiating table and would try to achieve that purpose through offering it financial incentives after moving the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Pompeo arrived on Saturday in Riyadh on his first official overseas trip to muster support for new sanctions against Iran and to pave the way for the deal of the century that aims, among others, to give the entire city of Occupied Jerusalem and the Aqsa Mosque to Israel as part of a peace agreement.

Meanwhile, the Hebrew media quoted US diplomatic sources as saying that president Donald “Trump is looking forward to going ahead with the deal of the century immediately after moving the embassy in mid-May.

According to these diplomatic sources, there are intents to give the PA leadership financial compensation if it accepted the deal of the century in principle and sit with Israeli officials to negotiate the details.


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