vendredi 23 mars 2018

Egypt to open Rafah crossing for two days

L'Egypte ouvrira le passage de Rafah pendant deux jours


The Palestinian embassy in Cairo said the Egyptian authorities would open the Rafah border crossing with Gaza on Friday and Saturday in both directions.

In a brief statement, the embassy added that the crossing would be opened for the travel of people with humanitarian cases and stranded passengers.

On Wednesday February 22nd, the Egyptian authorities announced it would open the crossing for four days, but it was only opened for one day and then closed unexpectedly.

The Rafah crossing has been run by the Palestinian government since last November after the Hamas Movement ceded control of Gaza's crossings to the Palestinian Authority as part of an Egyptian-brokered reconciliation agreement signed in October 12 in Cairo.

Dozens of Gaza patients staged a sit-in at the crossing on Thursday demanding its immediate opening. The patients, who were joined by students and other stranded citizens, asked the Egyptian authorities to open the crossing and allow them to pass so as to meet their urgent needs. 

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