mercredi 28 février 2018

Eastern Ghouta: Syrian government forces clash with rebels

Mercredi matin, lors d'une deuxième tentative de mise en place d'un cessez-le-feu dans l'enclave assiégée, les forces du président syrien Bachar al-Assad se sont livrées à des combats "féroces" avec des rebelles qui contrôlent la région depuis 2013.

Hours into second attempt at implementing Russian truce, government shelling intensifies in towns near front lines.
Smoke rose from the besieged enclave of Eastern Ghouta near
Damascus on Tuesday, February 27 [Bassam Khabieh/Reuters]

Syrian government forces have clashed with rebels on the outskirts of Eastern Ghouta, despite a Russian-sponsored truce that is now in its second day, a war monitor reported.

Israelis call to break into Al-Aqsa Mosque for Purim

Les "israéliens" appellent à pénétrer dans la mosquée Al-Aqsa pour Pourim

Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - Groups of the alleged "Temple" have called on supporters to widely take part in the intensive breakings into the Al-Aqsa Mosque during the next two days to celebrate the Jewish holiday of Purim.

UK Foreign Office summons Russian ambassador over Eastern Ghouta situation

Le ministère britannique des Affaires étrangères convoque l'ambassadeur russe à la situation de la Ghouta orientale

Earlier the UNSC passed a resolution demanding that the parties to the Syrian conflict cease hostilities for at least 30 days so that humanitarian aid can be provided to civilians

Damaged buildings in Eastern Ghouta, Syria

LONDON, February 26. /TASS/.

Russian Ambassador to London Alexander Yakovenko has been summoned to the British Foreign Office over the situation in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta, British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson said while speaking at the country’s parliament on Monday.

11 ill after suspicious letter arrives at military base

11 malade après une lettre suspecte arrivée à la base militaire

Washington (CNN)Eleven people fell ill after a suspicious letter was opened in an administrative building at Joint Base Fort Myer-Henderson Hall in Arlington, Virginia, on Tuesday, according to the Arlington County Fire Department.

A New Israeli Bill Criminalizes Criticism of the Military (VIDEO)

Un nouveau projet de loi "israélien" criminalise la critique de l'armée (VIDEO)

A public reading of Breaking the Silence testimonies in Tel Aviv
in June, 2014. (Photo: Oren Ziv,, file)

The Israeli Knesset has approved the first reading of a bill proposed by Education Minister Naftali Bennett, that would ban organizations critical of the country’s military.

Israeli authorities continue to detain corpse of teen Fisherman

Les autorités "israéliennes" continuent de détenir le cadavre d'un jeune pêcheur

PNN/ Gaza/

Israeli Occupation Authorities continue to detain the corpse of fisherman Isma’il Saleh Abu Riyalah (18), who was killed by Israeli naval forces on Sunday, 25 February 2018, and refuse to hand his corpse in order to be buried in the Gaza Strip.

Israeli Soldiers Illegally Confiscate Lands To Pave New Segregated Road

Des soldats "israéliens" confisquent illégalement des terres pour paver une nouvelle route séparée

Israeli soldiers illegally confiscated, Wednesday, 24 Dunams of Palestinian lands in Burin village, south of the northern West Bank city of Nablus, to pave a new segregated, settler-only road.

Thousands of Jews from Russia and Ukraine settle in occupied Palestine

Des milliers de juifs de Russie et d'Ukraine s'installent en Palestine occupée


Russia and Ukraine provided Israel with most of its settlers who flocked to the occupied Palestinian territories in 2017, a study found out.

Jared Kushner loses top-level US security clearance, reports say

Jared Kushner perd l'autorisation de sécurité américaine de haut niveau, selon des informations

Blow to president’s son-in-law and adviser is latest setback for Trump White House

Jared Kushner would be prevented from seeing the presidential
daily brief and attending other high-level meetings © AP

Jared Kushner has lost his top-level security clearance, according to US media reports, dealing a blow to the White House as it struggles with claims of intelligence leaks, unruliness and wavering foreign policy.

PPS: “Israeli Soldiers Abduct 21 Palestinians In West Bank”

PPS: "Les soldats "israéliens" enlèvent 21 Palestiniens en Cisjordanie"

Israeli soldiers abducted, on Wednesday at dawn, twenty-one Palestinians from their homes, after invading and ransacking them, in several parts of the occupied West Bank, the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) has reported.

PLO push for the dispatch of 3000 police officers in attempt to take over Gaza from Hamas

L'OLP demande l'envoi de 3 000 policiers pour tenter de prendre le contrôle du Hamas à Gaza

DAMASCUS, SYRIA (11:55 P.M): The Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) have today announced, the planned move for the deployment of around 3000 ‘PA’ policemen to Gaza, this move is aimed at pushing for a takeover of Hamas run police-stations in the strip.

Bennett Apologizes to Labor MK for Campaign Ad Comparing him to Hamas

Bennett s'excuse auprès du député travailliste pour une campagne publicitaire le comparant au Hamas

“I regret it, it’s inappropriate, it was not right and it was not true,” Habayit Hayehudi Chairman and Education Minister Naftali Bennett apologized to MK Yossi Yona (Zionist Camp) for a video ad published by his party in the 2015 election campaign.

Protests in London Against Controversial Mohammed bin Salman Visit

Manifestations à Londres contre la visite controversée de Mohammed ibn Salman

Mohammed bin Salman, the new crown prince of Saudi Arabia
(AFP/File Photo)

High-profile campaign groups plan to hold protests in London next week against a visit to Britain by the powerful Saudi crown prince to raise alarm over Riyadh’s war crimes in Yemen and its human rights record.

Gazans Wounds Bear Witness to Their Living Conditions (VIDEOS)

Mohammed Mubarak and Faris Alawawdah were shot by Israeli soldiers
in 2017. They are both treated at MSF's hospital in Gaza. (Photo: MSF)

By Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)

Since 2000, Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), has adapted its care to the changing needs of the people in Gaza, Palestine. Teams now offer post-operative care (dressings, physiotherapy and re-education) to almost 5,000 people suffering with burns or trauma injuries in  three MSF clinics. The wounds and accounts of patients offer us a window into daily life in Gaza.

Israel to impose security cordon on occupied West Bank until Sunday

"israël" va imposer un cordon de sécurité à la Cisjordanie occupée jusqu'à dimanche


The Israeli occupation authorities announced on Sunday the imposition of a comprehensive security cordon on the occupied West Bank and the closure of the crossings into the Gaza Strip during the Jewish “Purim” holiday, Quds Press has reported. A spokesperson for the Israeli Army said that the authorities have ordered the cordon to be in place from Tuesday.

Israel climbs down over taxing Jerusalem churches

"israël" a gelé un projet de loi mardi qui lui permettrait d'exproprier des terres vendues par les églises grecques orthodoxes et catholiques à des promoteurs privés, et a reporté la collecte des impôts des propriétés appartenant à l'église et des institutions des Nations Unies à Jérusalem.

Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem, Theophilos III, speaks during a news conference with other church leaders in front of the closed doors of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem’s Old City, 25 February. Amir Cohen Reuters

Escalated arrests target Islamic Bloc-affiliated students in West Bank

Les arrestations intensifiées ciblent les étudiants affiliés au Bloc islamique en Cisjordanie


The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) over the past two days have arrested seven members of the Islamic Bloc, Hamas's student wing, who study in different West Bank universities.

Syrie : l’exploitation sexuelle des réfugiées par des travailleurs humanitaires continue

Bien que ces abus, qui incluent l’obtention d’aide humanitaire en échange de faveurs sexuelles, aient déjà été rapportés il y a trois ans, un nouveau reportage montre qu’ils ont toujours lieu dans le sud du pays

Des Syriennes se tiennent devant une tente dans un camp 
de réfugiés situé à la frontière syro-libanaise (AFP)

Des Syriennes ont raconté avoir été forcées à avoir des rapports sexuels en échange de nourriture par des hommes chargés de distribuer de l’aide humanitaire au nom de l’ONU et d’organisations

Un livre américain attribue aux Israéliens les premiers rôles dans l'assassinat de Ben Barka

L’implication des Israéliens, au plus haut sommet de l’Etat, dans l’assassinat de Mehdi Ben Barka n’est plus à démontrer. L’auteur du livre «Rise and Kill First» leur attribue le premier rôle dans l’élimination physique du leader de la gauche marocaine.

Mehdi Ben Barka / Ph. DR.

Le nouveau livre du journaliste israélien Ronen Bergman, «Rise and Kill First», paru récemment aux Etats-Unis, a établi une liste quasi-exhaustive des assassinats politiques commis par les Israël depuis

Jibril Rajoub, président de la Fédération palestinienne de football : « L’aide de l’Algérie reste inestimable »

Ph. Billel

Le leader palestinien, Jibril Rajoub, ancien détenu politique de la cause palestinienne pour sa lutte armée avec l’OLP (Feth) actuellement Secrétaire de Feth, mais aussi président de la Fédération palestinienne de football et aussi du Comité olympique de ce pays. Il est également responsable à

Israël: les immigrants français se définissent "de droite" et "religieux" (sondage)

Immigration Juifs Aliyah
Agence juive

72% des immigrants français en Israël se considèrent comme de droite et environ la moitié d'entre eux seraient heureux de voir Benyamin Netanyahou continuer à servir le pays comme Premier

Netanyahou est en difficulté, mais qui le remplacera ?

La triste vérité est qu’aucun dirigeant politique israélien – ni l’électorat dans son ensemble – n’est prêt à prendre le moindre risque au nom de la paix

Au parlement israélien, la loi pour museler «Breaking the Silence» est sur les rails

Un projet de loi visant à réprimer les organisations critiques envers les Forces de défense israéliennes (en d’autres termes, l’armée d’occupation de la Palestine) a été voté (par 35 voix contre 23) en

Une position de l'armée israélienne visée par des tirs en Cisjordanie

Soldat israélien à un point de contrôle sur la 
route menant à Ramallah (Cisjordanie) AFP

Une position de l'armée israélienne a été visée par des tirs près de la ville d'Al-Bireh à l'est de Ramallah, a indiqué Tsahal dans un communiqué.

La détention de Salah Hamouri est renouvelée

Par Elsa Lefort

Comme il était à craindre, la détention de Salah Hamouri est renouvelée. Cette nouvelle met bien entendu en lumière la détention administrative, véritable déni du droit régulièrement utilisé par Israël

Jérusalem: la colère chrétienne fait reculer Israël

Foule devant le Saint-Sépulcre le 27 février 2018
(AP Photo/Mahmoud Illean)

Après trois jours de fermeture du Saint-Sépulcre - tombeau présumé du Christ et lieu saint de la chrétienté - décidé en protestation par les structures religieuses qui en ont la garde, les autorités

mardi 27 février 2018

Army Levels Lands in Northern Gaza

Plusieurs bulldozers israéliens sont entrés dans la "zone tampon" le long de la frontière nord de Gaza, lundi matin, où ils ont rasé des terres sous forte protection militaire.

Several Israeli bulldozers entered into the “buffer zone” along the northern Gaza border, on Monday morning, where they razed lands under heavy military protection.

IOF raids in Nabi Saleh arrest 10 members of Tamimi family

Les rafles de l'IOF à Nabi Saleh arrêtent 10 membres de la famille Tamimi

Nathan Schmidt / Bethlehem

IOF forces have reportedly arrested 10 members of the Tamimi family this morning during dawn raids on their home in Nabi Saleh, northwest of Ramallah.

Israel fully seals off Gaza Strip, West Bank

"israël" scelle complètement la bande de Gaza, en Cisjordanie

Gaza has already been under 12-year-old Israeli blockade.

Israeli occupation authorities decided on Sunday to fully seal off Gaza Strip and West Bank from Tuesday this week to Sunday next week.

Israeli navy kills Gaza fisher

La marine "israélienne" tue un pêcheur de Gaza

The boat on which Ismail Abu Riyala was shot, 26 February. Ashraf Amra APA images
A Palestinian fisher died after Israeli occupation forces fired on the boat on which he was sailing off Gaza’s coast on Sunday afternoon.

Youth herald winds of change in Palestine

Les jeunes annoncent le vent du changement en Palestine

Stereotypes of Palestinians that Israel spent the best part of the last 70 years building in western countries are systematically coming apart

Canada's pretend socialists

Les prétendus socialistes du Canada
By blocking a popular resolution on Palestine, Canada's NDP yet again proved that it is the party of pretend socialists.

For Canada's pretend socialist party, its supposed "values" are all too malleable and, as such, human rights for Palestinians appear to be an optional extra, writes Mitrovica [Reuters]

The New Democratic Party (NDP) is Canada's pretend socialist party.

The pretend socialists got together at their biennial convention in Ottawa recently to chart policy for the upcoming federal election when, once again, the party vows not to utter the word socialist.

The pretend socialists are so afraid of being called socialists that they voted - 960 to 188 - to erase "socialist" from the party's constitution in 2013.

The pretend socialists say they abandoned the word to try to "modernise" the party so it could better "resonate" with Canadians. Translation: Socialism is for old farts and losers.

So, it's not surprising that Canada's pretend socialist party's policy towards Israel and Palestine remains, in effect, a facsimile of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's rather than, let's say, British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's.

Of course, Corbyn is a real socialist, not a pretend one. The real socialist got a loud and long standing ovation after he urged delegates at the Labour Party Conference last September to "give real support to end the oppression of the Palestinian people" and Israel's "50-year occupation and illegal settlement expansion".

Corbyn prefaced his remarks by insisting that they reflect the Labour Party's socialist "values". "We must put our values at the heart of our foreign policy. Democracy and human rights are not an optional extra to be deployed selectively," the real socialist said.

Alas, for Canada's pretend socialist party, its supposed "values" are all too malleable and, as such, human rights for Palestinians appear to be an optional extra and are indeed deployed selectively.

How else to explain the cynical, contrived, and ultimately successful gambit by Canada's pretend socialist party to scuttle a valiant attempt by mostly young, but apparently not "modern" enough NDP members, to put forward a resolution calling for the end of Israel's illegal occupation and settlements, as well as the blockade of Gaza, while enshrining explicit support for "economic pressure to end the occupation" into the party's constitution.

The pretend socialists who run Canada's pretend socialist party employed every procedural gimmick in their censorious playbook to make sure that resolution didn't make it onto the convention floor during consideration of the NDP's foreign policy agenda, let alone into the constitution which, remember, bans the word "socialist".

Former and current Members of Parliament from the pretend socialist party, including the NDP's foreign affairs critic, and their staffers, reportedly "jammed" the convention floor to make sure the pro-Palestinian resolution, and any attempts to bolster it, died before they were born and a watered-down, so-called "balanced" resolution on Palestine and Israel prevailed.

" Mr Singh better summon a true, tangible measure of love and courage for Palestinians soon or he'll face the same ignominious fate as his predecessor who forgot that real socialists can always spot a pretend one."

The same powerful, exclusive band of pretend socialists pulled the same technical stunt at the NDP's convention in Vancouver in 2011 to bury a resolution supporting the Canadian Boat to Gaza.

The leaders of Canada's pretend socialist party with its pretend affinity for openness, transparency and democracy, set aside less than an hour for "debate" on the competing resolutions and assured the outcome by, in part, stacking the microphones on the convention floor.

As a result, the first 15 minutes of the "debate" featured several frustrated NDP members angrily complaining the proceedings had been rigged, while other NDP members angrily denounced their brothers and sisters for standing and carrying signs demanding Israel release Palestinian teenager, Ahed Tamimi, from custody, rather than Israel's jailing and shooting of scores of Palestinian children.

One oh so fortunate delegate, however, was given carte blanche for several minutes to back the more "balanced" resolution that, she claimed, "talks about both sides' responsibilities and rights" and that would allow NDP leader Jagmeet Singh "to find common cause with our friends and allies in Israel and Palestine".

After another futile round of wrangling over rules, a vote was promptly taken and, you guessed it, the "balanced" resolution won the carefully engineered day.

Then, and only then, did Canada's pretend socialist party allow a solitary NDP member - who is Jewish - to oppose the just approved "balanced" resolution.

In his speech, the delegate excoriated the NDP for adopting a resolution that "does nothing to address the two-tiered legal system that sees almost 700 Palestinian children languish behind bars in Israeli prisons each year. It does nothing to substantially address Israel's human rights violations or its ongoing siege on Gaza. It offers mere platitudes rather than much-needed action."

Meanwhile, a smattering of other NDP members shouted: "Shame."

It was a shameful, but not unexpected, exhibition by Canada's party of pretend socialists who feign respect for international law and human rights, as long as they don't apply to Palestinians. 

Hyperbole? I don't think so. The former leader of the party, Thomas Mulcair, did not say a word publicly while the Israeli military invaded Gaza and killed and maimed thousands of Palestinians, including more than 500 children during what amounted to Israel's turkey shoot - by land, sea and air - of a besieged people for week after week in 2014.

At the inhumane time, Mulcair hid behind a press release, where he affixed blame for the relentless "horror" on "Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants," without so much as a syllable of condemnation for Israel's indiscriminate and deadly volley after indiscriminate, deadly volley. He also suggested "de-escalation" might be useful. How nice.

That is Canada's pretend socialists' "balanced approach" towards Palestine and Israel on pathetic, humiliating display.

Mulcair wasn't the leader of Canada's pretend socialists much longer after that because his "balanced approach" was largely identical to Trudeau's "balanced approach" which is a euphemism for: Israel can do anything, at any time, by any means, to imprison and kill Palestinians and occupy their land. 

Canada's pretend socialists can rationalise and obfuscate until their party's signature orange colours turn blue, but "balanced approach" is also a polite euphemism for complicity.     

In an odd, rambling 40-minute speech, Mr Love and Courage, Jagmeet Singh, tried, haltingly and rhetorically, to re-affirm his socialist credentials. Not once did he call for the end of the oppression of Palestinians. Not once did he call for the end to the brutal, illegal occupation of Palestinian land. Not once did he call for the end to the remorseless siege of Gaza. Not once did he call for the use of economic or diplomatic sanctions to censor Israel for its ingrained violations of international law and human rights. And not once did he mention the words Palestine or Palestinians.

Mr Singh better summon a true, tangible measure of love and courage for Palestinians soon or he'll face the same ignominious fate as his predecessor who forgot that real socialists can always spot a pretend one.

The views expressed in this article are the author's own and do not necessarily reflect Al Jazeera's editorial stance.

Andrew MitrovicaAndrew Mitrovica
Andrew Mitrovica is an award-winning investigative reporter and journalism instructor.  

US congressman amongst settlers who entered Al-Aqsa today

Un membre du Congrès américain parmi les colons qui sont entrés à Al-Aqsa aujourd'hui

PNN/ Jerusalem/

A member of the US Congress on Tuesday morning had entered Al-Aqsa Mosuqe amongst a group of Israeli settlers who entered the compound from the Magharba Gate under heavy protection by Israeli police.

Netanyahu greenlights building 350 new illegal settlement units

Netanyahu donne le feu vert à la construction de 350 nouvelles colonies illégales

Last week, Israeli occupation authorities approved building 3,000 new illegal settlement units in Jerusalem.

Israeli government unanimously approved on Sunday building 350 new settlement units south of occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem.

AIPAC conference will feature lots of liberal Democratic speakers

La conférence de l'AIPAC présentera de nombreux conférenciers libéraux démocrates

The premier Israel lobby group AIPAC — the American Israel Public Affairs Committee — has announced the speakers for its annual policy conference in Washington this weekend and as usual there are a lot of liberal Democrats. AIPAC is an organization that stands with Israel at all times, whether it’s building settlements in occupied Palestinian territories or opposing the Iran deal or massacring whole families in Gaza.

Disabled Palestinian in Solitary Begins Hunger Strike (VIDEO)

Un Palestinien handicapé commence la grève de la faim (VIDEO)

"I will not suspend my strike until my humane demands
are met,” Amer Assad said. (Photo: MEMO)

Disabled Palestinian prisoners Amer Asaad is on the 12th day of an open hunger strike in protest against the inhuman treatment he has received while incarcerated.

Israeli Bill to Prevent Palestinians from Petitioning High Court

Projet de loi "israélien" visant à empêcher les Palestiniens de saisir la Haute Cour

The Israeli government will support a bill barring Palestinians from petitioning the High Court of Justice, a Knesset committee announced on Sunday.

Israeli authorities to close West Bank and Gaza for Purim Jewish holiday

Les autorités "israéliennes" fermeront la Cisjordanie et Gaza pour la fête juive de Pourim

PNN/ Bethlehem/

Israeli occupation authorities on Sunday said that there will be a security cordon on the West Bank and Gaza for four days for the “Purim” Jewish holiday.

Detainee Hospitalized After Many Soldiers Assaulted Him In Prison

Un détenu hospitalisé après que de nombreux soldats l'ont agressé en prison

The Palestinian Detainees’ Committee has reported, Monday, that a detainee was moved to a hospital when many soldiers assaulted him in Ramon Israeli prison, after special forces invaded various sections of the facility and started the transfer of 70 detainees to Nafha prison.

When Palestinians are Jailed, Families Suffer

Quand les Palestiniens sont emprisonnés, les familles souffrent

'We Are Not Numbers' is a platform for 'Palestinian youth
to tell the human stories behind the numbers in the news.'

By Shaimaa Abo Lebdah

The suffering of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is not new; imprisonment in retaliation for any kind of resistance to the occupation― from slapping a soldier (like Ahed Tamimi), to throwing stones, to armed attacks (which are acceptable against an occupier under international law) has become a virtual rite of passage for many Palestinians.

More than 1,000 Palestinians in Gaza died from Israeli blockade

Plus de 1 000 Palestiniens à Gaza sont morts du blocus "israélien"
Gaza Strip's 12-year land, air and naval blockade has resulted in the deaths of more than 1,000 Palestinians.

Gathering of Charities in Gaza said more than 1,000 Palestinians have died as a result of the ongoing 12-year-old Israeli blockade on the coastal enclave.

Aidons Hassan Mizheir, âgé de 17 ans, devenu paraplégique après avoir été gravement blessé par l’armée d’occupation

Hassam Mizheir - Photo : Capture vidéo

Hassan Mizheir au Centre de Réhabilitation Arabe de Beit Jala. Hassam a perdu tout usage des membres inférieurs - Photo : Capture vidéo

Un pas vers l’annexion de la Cisjordanie par l’occupant : projet approuvé

Le “comité ministériel pour la législation” du gouvernement israélien a approuvé dimanche un projet de loi destiné à étendre la compétence des tribunaux israéliens à la “zone C” de la Cisjordanie occupée 1.

S’il est adopté, le projet de loi réduira le rôle de la Haute Cour de justice israélienne – devant laquelle les Palestiniens vivant sous occupation portent assez fréquemment des litiges les opposant à l’administration de l’occupation et à l’armée, et où ils arrive qu’ils remportent des victoires – dans les affaires concernant les droits de propriété, et la construction, la liberté d’information et les injonctions restrictives.

Les poursuites engagées contre des mesures prises par les autorités israéliennes dans la zone C sur ces sujets devraient alors être traitées de la même manière que les affaires survenant dans les limites territoriale relevant de la souveraineté d’Israël telles qu’elles sont internationalement reconnues.

Au lieu d’être automatiquement soumises à la Haute Cour, ces questions seraient jugées par les tribunaux de district. La Haute Cour de justice ou la Cour suprême pourraient encore intervenir en

Israël. Des soldats tuent un pêcheur palestinien en pleine mer

Un pêcheur palestinien a été tué et deux autres arrêtés par l’armée israélienne ce dimanche au large de la bande de Gaza. Les soldats affirment que le bateau des trois hommes se trouvait au-delà de la

Cisjordanie: 16 Palestiniens arrêtés à Nabi Saleh, dont le cousin d'Ahed Tamimi

Israeli soldiers detain a Palestinian during a protest marking Land Day
 in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh, 2015 AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed

L'armée israélienne a arrêté dans la nuit de dimanche à lundi 16 Palestiniens à Nabi Saleh en Cisjordanie, indique un communiqué.

Israël: une enquête pouvant viser Netanyahu ébranlée

Le Premier ministre israélien Benyamin netanyahu est visé par
 une enquête pour corruption.REUTERS/Sebastian Scheiner/Pool/File Photo

L'affaire a jeté un trouble sur cette enquête qui suscite une grande attention en Israël et qui renforce les doutes sur l'avenir politique du Premier ministre. Une magistrate en charge d'un dossier de

Netanyahou, la traque. Changement de régime en Israël?

Par Israel Shamir

Le meilleur Premier ministre, Benjamin Netanyahu, que le pays ait jamais eu ; c’est ce qu’en disent ses nombreux supporteurs. Celui qui a tenu le plus longtemps, depuis ben Gourion, le fondateur de

De Ben Barka à Arafat, un livre lève le voile sur les assassinats ciblés attribués aux services secrets israéliens

par Béchir Ben Yahmed

Dans un livre récemment traduit aux États-Unis, le journaliste Ronan Bergman revient sur les assassinats ciblés menés par les services secrets israéliens. Principale révélation de l'ouvrage : le rôle

Israël interdit la visite d'un ministre palestinien à Jérusalem

Des forces de sécurité israéliennes devant la porte des 
Lions, le 12 octobre 2015 à Jérusalem-Est

Israël a interdit lundi au ministre palestinien de l'Education d'effectuer une visite dans une école de Jérusalem, ont indiqué des responsables des deux bords.

De retour de Palestine occupée, les jeunes carolos témoignent

Voilà déjà 70 ans que le conflit israélo-palestinien s’invite régulièrement dans nos salons, par le prisme des médias et des réactions lissées de la diplomatie internationale. Une dizaine de jeunes Carolos se sont rendus en Palestine pour voir, de leurs propres yeux, à quoi ressemble la vie derrière le mur. Ils en témoigneront, ce samedi 3 mars à 19h30 au Café ‘Notre Maison’ à Charleroi.

Le voyage a duré dix jours, en novembre 2017. Dix jours à sillonner la Palestine et les territoires

Salah Hamouri sous la menace d’un nouvel ordre de détention administrative

L'avocat franco-palestinien Salah Hamouri - Photo : archives

Samidoun – Appel à l’action : l’avocat palestinien-français Salah Hamouri menacé d’une nouvelle détention administrative.

lundi 26 février 2018

Israël : 213 Palestiniens sont morts dans les prisons israéliennes en 51 ans

​​​​​​​213 Palestiniens ont perdu la vie dans les prisons israéliennes en 51 ans

213 Palestiniens ont perdu la vie dans les prisons israéliennes en 51 ans.

Dans un communiqué conjoint, le Club des prisonniers palestiniens et l’Agence pour la défense des

Même morts, les colons juifs de Cisjordanie continuent à voler des terres palestiniennes

Une étude récente met en évidence qu’en Cisjordanie des centaines de colons juifs sont enterrés sur (ou plutôt dans) des terres qui sont la propriété privée de Palestiniens, relève Uri Blau dans un article publié dimanche. De nombreux cimetières sont établis délibérément à des centaines de mètres des habitations les plus proches afin d’étendre autant autant que possible l’emprise sur le territoire.

La marine israélienne tue un citoyen palestinien

La marine israélienne tue un citoyen palestinien

Un Palestinien à bord d’un bateau au large de la bande de Gaza a été tué dimanche 25 février par des tirs de soldats israéliens, a annoncé le porte-parole militaire de l’Etat hébreu.