dimanche 31 décembre 2017

PCHR Weekly Report On Israeli Human Rights Violations in the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Rapport hebdomadaire du PCHR sur les violations sionistes des droits de l'homme dans les territoires palestiniens occupés (21 - 27 décembre 2017)

(photo: The 17-year-old girl, ‘Ahed al-Tamimi, during her trial
in Israeli “Ofer” Military Court.)

Israeli forces continued with systematic crimes in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt) for the week of 21-27 December, 2017.

Israeli forces escalated the excessive use of force against protests in the West Bank and Gaza Strip. Two Palestinian civilians were killed, while 2 others succumbed to their wounds in the Gaza Strip. 128 Palestinian civilians, including 22 children, 2 journalists and a paramedic, were wounded in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.


During the reporting period, in new crime of excessive use of force, Israeli forces kill 2 Palestinians while 2 others succumbed to their wounds in the Gaza Strip. They also wounded 89 Palestinian civilians, including 14 children, in the Gaza Strip, while 39 Palestinian civilians, including 8 children, 2 journalists, and a paramedic, were wounded in the West Bank. The Israeli forces continued to chase fishermen in the Gaza Sea and target border areas in the Gaza Strip.

This high number of casualties and killed persons proves that Israeli forces deliberately killed protectors, especially in the border areas in the Gaza Strip. PCHR’s follow-up showed that it is clear that the Israeli forces heavily and upon a decision use live ammunition; some of which is explosive, to confront the unarmed civilians. Therefore, for the second consecutive Friday, the number of Palestinians, who were deliberately wounded with live bullets increased in addition to directly killing them through direct sniper in peaceful protests. It should be noted that the protestors did not pose any threat to the soldiers.

In the Gaza Strip, on 22 December 2017, Israeli forces killed 2 Palestinian civilians. According to PCHR’s investigations, dozens of young men and youngsters gathered few meters away from the border fence with Israel near former Nahal Oz Crossing, east of al-Sheja’eya neighbourhood, east of Gaza City. They set fire to tires and threw stones at the Israeli forces stationed along the border fence in protest against the U.S. President’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel. During the clashes, the Israeli forces fired tear gas canisters and live bullets at the protestors. As a result, Mohamed Nabil Mohamed Muhasin (30), from al-Shuja’iyia neighbourhood, was killed after he sustained a live bullet wound to the left thigh.

In similar circumstances on the same day, Zakaria Adham Hussein al-Kafarna (20), from al-Amal neighborhood in Beit Hanoun, was killed after being hit with a live bullet to the chest while he was near the crossing vehicles’ gate on the asphalt road of the crossing.

In the same context, 2 Palestinian wounded persons succumbed to their wounds in similar circumstances. On 23 December 2017, medical sources at the Indonesian Hospital in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, announced the death of Sharif al-‘Abed Mohammed Shalash (28) from Jabalia refugee camp in the northern Gaza Strip. Sharif was staying in the Intensive Care Unit ( ICU) after being hit with a live bullet to the abdomen on Sunday, 17 December 2017, while he was participating in a protest organized in the east of the a...

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