lundi 31 juillet 2017

Musallam calls for maintaining civil disobedience against Israel

Musallam appelle à maintenir la désobéissance civile contre l'entité sioniste


Father Manuel Musallam, a noted Christian cleric in the West Bank, has called on the Palestinians to continue what he called their “civil disobedience” which they started against Israel’s recent measures that targeted the Aqsa Mosque in Occupied Jerusalem.

In an interview conducted with him by Anadolu news agency, Father Musallam considered the Muslim worshipers’ recent protests in Jerusalem and their refusal to enter the Mosque under restrictions “a form of civil disobedience” and called for expanding it to other Palestinian areas.

“Civil disobedience is peaceful resistance, through which many peoples in the world were able to get rid of colonialism and defeat it, and I see it as a mean of liberation.”

“We are a Palestinian Arab people living under the yoke of the Zionist occupation, and there is need for an action equal in size to the occupation, through which we can obtain salvation,” the Christian clergyman stated.

He also called on the Palestinian people to come together and build a new liberation organization to lead them to a future without occupation.

The Father lashed at the Jewish people for making false claims about their connection with the Palestinian land and described them as “invaders.”

“You have no right to a single iota of soil from the land of Palestine. You have never been on this land and you are not the sons of prophets Isaac and Jacob. You have come as invaders to our land from different parts of the world looking to build an economy and seeking to steal the riches of the indigenous people and subdue them.” 

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