mardi 25 juillet 2017

Jordan Insists on Investigation after Israeli Embassy Guard Kills 2 in Amman

La Jordanie insiste pour qu'une enquête soit menée après qu'un garde de l'ambassade de l'entité sioniste tue 2 personnes à Amman

An Israeli embassy security guard shot and killed two Jordanians
in Amman. (Photo: via Social Media)

An Israeli embassy security guard shot and killed two Jordanians in Amman under unclear circumstances on Sunday night, with Jordanian media describing the incident as a personal dispute and the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs saying the Israeli guard was defending himself from a politically motivated attack.

According to reports, two Jordanian carpenters had arrived to an apartment in the residential complex used by the Israeli embassy to replace furniture.

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon said in a statement that one of the workers crept up behind the guard and began stabbing him with a screwdriver. The guard then opened fire, killing the alleged attacker and inadvertently shooting the Jordanian owner of the building who was present at the scene, who later died f...

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