lundi 24 juillet 2017

Israel changes electronic gates with mobile walls

"israel" change les portes électroniques par des murs mobiles

The new measures ban entering any type of bags.

Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY - An understanding reached between the Israeli occupation police and the Israeli municipality of Jerusalem that stated to change the electronic gates erected at the entrances to Aqsa mosque with mobile walls in order to narrow the space of the entrances, Hebrwe channel 2 reported.

Hebrwe channel 2 reported that the Israeli occupation police seek to narrow the space of Al-Aqsa mosque gates by erecting walls. This measure followed by erecting cameras at the entrance so that the Israeli occupation police could controls Palestinian movements and monitors them by cameras. While the suspects will be searched only through hand detectors.

The new measures ban entering any type of bags. This understanding is not previewed before the Islamic Waqef in Jerusalem, so that it does not clear if it will agree on it.

The channel explained that removing the electronic gates will take days before examines the new procedure.

Meanwhile the channel reveal that the decision of keeping the electronic gates, which was taken a few days ago came without consulting the army or police. Unanimous police sources is quoted as saying that the gates were feasible after the operation directly, but now there are proposed alternatives.

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