mardi 11 avril 2017

World Bank report refutes PA statements on Gaza Power

Le rapport de la Banque mondiale réfute les déclarations de l'Autorité palestinienne sur l'électricité de Gaza

Gaza, ALRAY – A report of World Bank refuted the Palestinian Authority’s (PA) statements on its support of the Gaza's power by 1 billion NIS a year. The report showed that nearly two-thirds of the money is collected from other sources of financial collection (local taxes and external grants).

The international report issued in September 2016 deals with the statistical data for 2014, revealed that the PA paid only 374 million NIS of the total funds provided to support Gaza's Power, which is the value of the deficit with the funds collected by citizens and external grants.

According to the report, the total amount transferred by the Gaza Power Plant to the Energy Authority in Ramallah and grants to support electricity in Gaza amounted to about 650 million NIS in 2014, while the government covers the rest of the amount, which is estimated at 374 million NIS (100 million dollars).

The total amount of electricity purchased for Gaza from Israeli and Egyptian electricity and power plant is about 800 million NIS, while what is being purchased for the West Bank is 2400 million NIS, which refutes the authority's statements on its support for the electricity in Gaza.

The collected costs of Gaza electricity amounts to 409 million NIS; losses of 247 million NIS, while in the West Bank 1598 million NIS are collected from electricity costs and losses of 479 million NIS.

Commenting on the information in the report, the financial expert Rami Abdu said that these figures show the continuation of the series of PA’s monopoly on information and cutting the facts and not fully giving them.

The government says that Israeli occupation deducts between 40-50 million NIS monthly from the clearing taxes for electricity coming from line 161 from Israeli occupation to Gaza.

The people of the Gaza Strip have been suffering from a severe crisis for years, due to the lack of power supply hours, which was aggravated to reach three hours on before more than 12 hours off.

According to official statistics, the Gaza Strip needs 500-600 megawatts of power, while only 157 megawatts are available.

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