dimanche 9 avril 2017

Palestinians Abroad Conference to form competent committees

La Conférence des Palestiniens à l'Etranger forme des comités compétents


The General Secretariat of the Popular Conference for Palestinians Abroad concluded its two-day meetings in Beirut with the announcement of its intention to form executive competent committees of several files.

The Conference Secretary General, Munir Shafiq, told reporters that the most significant committees to be formed will be specialized in the issues of return, refugees, women, youths, Palestinian culture and identity, economic development, the boycott of Israeli products, legal matters, media, Occupied Jerusalem and others that will be published on the Conference electronic website.

The Conference General Secretariat decided to launch a youth initiative as well as the Palestinian woman abroad association in consistence with the recommendations of the Conference workshops held two months ago in Istanbul.

He pointed out that the meetings in Beirut initially discussed the basic structure of the conference and the election of the members of the General Secretariat as well as the formation of a committee in order to complete the General Assembly members.

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