mardi 4 avril 2017

New Israeli law deducts martyrs payments from PA tax revenues

Une nouvelle loi sioniste déduit les paiements aux familles des martyrs du revenu d'impôts de l'AP


Yedioth Ahronoth Hebrew newspaper reported on Monday that a new Israeli bill submitted to the Knesset last week would allow Israel to deduct NIS1 billion from the Palestinian Authority (PA) tax revenues, the equivalent amount that the PA pays to families of martyrs and prisoners.

The legislation was proposed by lawmaker MK Elazar Stern who claimed that it was set up because the PA supports “terrorism”. He says that in 2016, the PA paid out some NIS 1.1 billion ($303 million) in stipends and other benefits to the families of Palestinian martyrs and prisoners in Israeli jails.

According to the bill, financially supporting Palestinian families of martyrs and prisoners is a violation of Oslo Accords.

“The PA’s payments glorify terrorism, part of a broader trend of incitement blamed for fueling a surge of violence last year”, MK Stern said. 

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