mercredi 26 avril 2017

Liberation Day: Why Italy Must Celebrate Palestinian Resistance, Too

Journée de la libération: pourquoi l'Italie aussi doit célébrer la résistance palestinienne

Pro-Palestinians in Rome protest Israeli attacks in Gaza
on 26th July 2014. (Photo: via MEMO)

By Romana Rubeo

A few days ago, a friend of mine, who is a teacher asked me to take part in a meaningful project: to talk to her students about what I learned during a recent visit to Palestine.

She wanted to teach them that what they read or watch on television are not abstracts, and that behind the words and images are real people, with feelings of sorrow, joy, and love.

When I entered the “Eduardo De Filippo” institute, in Villanova di Guidonia, near Rome, I felt tense; I am not a trained teacher. Would I be able to interest them in the lives of a nation on the other side of the Mediterranean Sea?

I decided to make the images, the stories and the faces talk.

I wanted them to know about the daily nightmare of Palestinians at Israeli checkpoints.

They saw people in Hebron, who are forced to put net atop their streets and shops to block objects, stones and garbage thrown by the illegal Jewish settlers who live there, protected by a large contingent of Israeli soldiers.

They saw how people live in a Palestinian refugee camp in Bethlehem and another in Jordan.

They saw the Israeli system of segregated roads and the wall of shame.

They saw Gaza left in the dark, with flashes of light that come with Israeli bombs; they s...

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