dimanche 2 avril 2017

Israel deploys forces in occupied Jer. on Passover eve

"israel" déploie des forces dans Jérusalem Occupée lors de Pâques

West Bank, ALRAY - The Israeli occupation police plan to deploy a large reinforcement of its forces in the occupied city of Jerusalem on the eve of the so-called "Passover", which falls next week, for fear of occurring attacks.

Israeli media reported on Sunday that the Israeli police is to set sessions to assist the conditions on the field. It is accepted that it will increase the forces in occupied Jerusalem.

The chief of Israeli police in occupied Jerusalem said that there is a fear of an escalation on the eve of Passover.

Maariv paper reported that the Israeli police did not observe any type of danger on the settlers; however, they will raise the state of alertness.

In Passover, Israeli settlers organized tours to Al-Aqsa mosque where they perform their Talmudic rituals.

Israeli Walla news site reported that the Israeli intelligence information do not expect that Hamas will not respond to the assassination of Hamas senior leader Mazen Fukaha, however the Israeli security services stay on alert.

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