lundi 3 avril 2017

Development in construction of wall around Gaza

Développement dans la construction du mur autour de Gaza

Occupied Jerusalem, ALRAY – The General Director of the Israeli occupation army said that there are some recent developments in the construction of the wall around the Gaza Strip, and that it would have been completed by the end of next year.

Israeli occupation Army Media said on Sunday morning that the wall would consist of ground blocks and a fence as high as the one in the Egyptian border with Gaza.

In last March, the Israeli government decided to hire a staff of 2000 foreign workers to hurry the construction of the wall which costs a billion dollars.

Israel announced last year that it would build a wall with a length of 60 kilometers around the Gaza Strip.

The wall will be 10 meters above and below the ground and will be provided with sensors to foil any attempts of digging tunnels into Israel.

Josef Shabera, the Israeli State Comptroller, issued a report that focuses on how the Israeli Cabinet had dealt with tunnels and thus failed to stop their construction.

A controversy between Israeli officials recently intensified as a result of the Israeli government leaving aside the issue of tunnels and the danger they pose for 10 years now.

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