mardi 14 mars 2017

PHROC condemns PA assault on Ramallah peaceful assembly

PHROC condamne l'assaut de l'AP contre Ramallah


The Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) followed up on the Palestinian Security Forces’ forceful assault on the peaceful assembly that took place on Sunday, March 12, 2017 in front of the Palestinian Court Complex in Al-Balou’ area in Al-Bireh City.

The assembly was organized in protest of the court hearings against Bassel Mahmoud Ibrahim Al-A’raj, who was killed by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on March 3, 2017, and against five other Palestinians over illegal weapon possession, four of whom are currently detained by the IOF.

According to information documented by PHROC, citizens took part in the peaceful assembly and gathered on the sidewalk in front of the Palestinian Court Complex carrying Al-Araj’s photos. They shouted out slogans in opposition to the court hearing, and in condemnation of security coordination with the IOF.

However, a large number of Special Police Forces, Riot police, and National Security Forces arrived to the scene fully equipped with shields and batons.

At least 16 people were assaulted, including Al-Araj’s father, Sheikh Khader Adnan, journalist Hafez Abu sabra, journalist Ahmad Melhem, and lawyer Fareed Atrash.

Six people were arrested including Sheikh Khader Adnan, Hadi Al Tarsheh and Suheil Idrisi and were transferred to the Criminal Investigation Unit (CIU) in Al-Balou’ area. Detainees were held at the CIU for about an hour where their personal IDSs were collected before they were released.

These assaults on the right to peaceful assembly occur within the context of a serious deterioration in the enjoyment of public rights and freedoms at the domestic level, the center said.

Indicators include an increase in complaints of torture and ill-treatment in detention centers operated by Palestinian Security Forces, especially on the part of the Joint Security Committee in Jericho jail, and on the part of Palestinian Security Forces acting as judicial police.

This is in addition to the continued arbitrary arrests and violations of fair trial guarantees. Furthermore, there remains a lack of enforcement by Palestinian Security Forces of judicial decisions providing redress for those unlawfully detained.

Accordingly, PHROC warns that the continuity of the dangerous deterioration in the respect for various rights and freedoms and the absence of justice and redress is contributing to the culture of mistrust in the rule of law, accountability, and in the role of the justice system in the protection of human rights. 

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