jeudi 30 mars 2017

Invitation to the media on Palestinian Land Day

Invitation des médias à la Journée de la terre palestinienne
Land Day, commemorated by the Palestinians on 30 March every year.

To the esteemed members of the media and journalists


The Israeli occupation authorities exercised their settlement policies manifested in their restriction of the Palestinians, preventing them from living in their land, and prohibiting them from construction or renovating their homes and places of worship. The Palestinians have faced these policies and the land has become a critical element in the daily conflict between the Palestinians and occupation authorities.

This on going conflict has been evident on a number of occasions, including Land Day, commemorated by the Palestinians on 30 March every year. The events of this day dates back to 1976 when clashes erupted and resulted in the death of six Palestinians, while hundreds were wounded and arrested. A general strike took place, along with a number of marches across the Palestinian territories in response to the Israeli occupation authorities’ confiscation of thousands of acres of private and public property.

The Israeli occupation authorities’ success in advancing its policy of land expropriation, the displacement of inhabitants, and replacing them with settlement blocs is a serious threat to the remaining Palestinian land.

Given our awareness of the danger of the settlements in the Palestinian territories, we, at the Palestine International Forum for Media and Communication (Tawasul), urge all media organisations and our fellow journalists and media personalities to intensify the media coverage on the Palestinians’ right to their land and to report the occupation’s settlement activities and the danger posed by this on Land Day.

In this context, we would like to offer our fellow organisations and colleagues a group of media policies and content that we suggest be adopted when addressing this issue. We also offer a fact sheet regarding the issue. We look forward to the cooperation and solidarity of all to support the Palestinian cause.

Yours sincerely,


Hisham Qasem

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