samedi 11 mars 2017

Gazans march in protest of Israel's approval of Adhan ban bill

Les Gazaouis manifestent contre l'approbation du projet de loi contre l'appel à la prière par "israel"


Hamas Movement organized Friday evening in Rafah city to the south of Gaza Strip a popular march in protest against Israeli Knesset’s initial approval of Adhan ban bill.

The protesters held placards condemning the recent approval by the Israeli Knesset to ban the Muslim call to prayer from playing over loudspeakers within the Green Line and in occupied Jerusalem.

The leader in Hamas Movement Mansour Breik strongly condemned the Israeli new escalation and considered it provocative and a violation against the freedom of Muslims.

Banning the Muslim call to prayer (Adhan) is a denial of Islam and Muslims’ doctrine, he said.

"We will stand by all possible means against this bill", he warned, calling on the Palestinian people to confront such escalation.

Banning the Muslim call to prayer is a red line for all Muslims around the world, he concluded.

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