mercredi 29 mars 2017

Analysts: Israel follows clean operations policy with Hamas

Analystes: "israel" suit une politique d'opérations propres avec le Hamas

Gaza, ALRAY - In light of keeping Israel practicing its intensive acts of aggressions towards every citizen who belongs to the sands of Palestine, the Palestinian flame ball consecutively accelerates towards the unknown, which will be a natural response to Israeli crimes.

Hamza Abu Shanab, a Gaza-based political analyst, considered the assassination of Al-Qassam commander Mazen Fuqaha to be a serious development in terms of the new Israeli targeting mechanisms in the Gaza Strip.

Abu Shanab said that the assassination is of the fruits of dealing with the Gaza Strip as an active field for the Military Intelligence Directorate "Aman" and its joint cooperation with the Shin Bet to intensify the Israeli intelligence inside the besieged Gaza Strip.

He pointed out that Israel seeks to impose a new equation on the West Bank’s ex-prisoners in the besieged enclave through the separation of the engagement rules between resistance in the Gaza Strip and resistance leadership in the West Bank. Thus, it is a message that anyone who works in the West Bank and takes shelter in Gaza is targeted by Israel.

The analysist noted that the assassination is a new score recorded for the Israeli Shin Bet after series of success accomplished by the Palestinian.

Abu Shanab indicated that Israel will suffer much thinking about mechanisms of Al-Qassam response to the assassination of Fuqaha, confirming that Fuqaha was wanted for Israel due to his activities in forming military cells in the West Bank.

The Palestinian writer and political analyst, Mustafa al-Sawwaf, wrote in his Facebook account that Mazen Fuqaha was assassinated on the hands of the Mossad in an operation that has no difference from the operation of assassinating the Tunisian engineer Zwari. Thus, Al-Qassam needs to deepen logic and mind by using the same method and style to settle scores with the Mossad.

Police spokesman Ayman Al-Batniji said that Mazen Fuqaha was assassinated, with a silenced weapon, outside his home in Tel al-Hawa, in the northern Gaza Strip.

Mazen Fuqaha, from the town of Tubas in the northern part of the West Bank, was sentenced to nine life terms in prison and was released in 2011 as part of the Shalit prisoner swap. He was accused of forming military cells in the West Bank that were responsible of executing operations against Israelis.

The Palestinian writer and political analyst, Fayez Abu Shamala, said that resistance is strong, on the rise, and can beat the occupier, adding that the occupation is living now a state of terror.

Abu Shamala explained that Israel chose to respond secretly and noiselessly without leaving any traces, fearing of Al-Qassam response, and trying to provoke a state of destabilizing security in the Gaza Strip.

He excluded any new confrontation with the Israeli occupation in the current time, explaining that the occupation left no traces behind. Hence, Hamas has no justification to break the cease-fire.

Abu Shamala confirmed that what will happen now is to wait for a response in the same method and style by assassinating a senior official inside Israel without leaving any traces, stressing that capturing the perpetrators of Fuqaha is in itself a painful response to Israel.

The writer pointed out that as long as the assassination of Fuqaha was with a silence manner, the response on the assassination also will be noiselessly and without any remarks, stating that resistance is wider than what mercenaries are and enemies think.

Hossam El Dajny, a Palestinian writer and political analyst, said following the assassination crime that Israel succeeded by its mercenaries and spies to eliminate Mazen Fuqaha. However, it did not and will not succeed to liquidate the methodology and philosophy of Mazen that are based on ending the occupation by all means.

While Ibrahim Al-Madhoun, a Palestinian writer, said that bearing Israel the responsibility for the assassination does not mean that resistance is committed to make an impulsive military response.

Rather, AL-Madhoun added, it is very important to hold Israel the full responsibility in addition to studying all options, taking extensive security procedures and thinking how to respond in the future to such an incident.

Al-Madhoun added, “from my point of view, the most powerful and hurtful response to such assassination is to discover the executers and their helpers, and to regain stability to the Coastal enclave.

It is worth mentioning that the assassination of Mazen Fuqaha is considered to be the second of its kind to be happened in the Gaza Strip. Before some 22 years, mercenaries killed founder of the Islamic Jihad Movement in Palestine commander Mahmoud El Khawaja by the same method and style.

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