jeudi 23 février 2017

Zaidan calls on PA to end political detention of citizens

Zaidan appelle l'AP à mettre fin à la politique de détention des citoyens


Palestinian lawmaker Abdul-Rahman Zaidan has called on Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas and premier Rami al-Hamdallah to necessarily intervene to have all political detainees released from West Bank jails.

In press remarks on Wednesday, Zaidan urged the two officials to put an end to the reported exposure of detainees to torture and maltreatment at the hands of PA officers and the security apparatuses’ refusal to comply with court release orders.

He stressed the need for the prosecution and judicial authorities to follow up reports and testimonies about torture incidents in West Bank jails as part of their responsibilities to protect citizens and their freedoms.

The lawmaker pointed out that the PA’s refusal to allow the Palestinian Legislative Council to assume its duties in the West Bank led to the absence of general supervision over the performance of the security apparatuses, warning that any violation against citizens and their rights cannot be overlooked. 

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