lundi 27 février 2017

Jerusalem scholars appeal to save Burma Muslims from ethnic cleansing

Des intellectuels de Jérusalem appellent à sauver les musulmans en Birmanie d'un nettoyage ethnique


Imams of al-Aqsa Mosque along with judges and scholars of Occupied Jerusalem appealed to Arab and Muslim leaders in order to take action to save Rohingya Muslim minority in Burma who are subjected to ethnic cleansing.

The Jerusalemite imams and scholars said, in a statement on Sunday, that Burmese authorities are carrying out a campaign of ethnic cleansing against the Rohingya Muslim minority in the country’s western Arakan state. All kinds of torture and crimes are pursued including collective execution, rape of women, and burning of children under the very eyes of the UN and Arab and Muslim organizations.

They called on Muslim peoples and media to pressure their leaders and governments in order to boycott Burma until persecution of Rohingya Muslims is halted.

They asked King of Jordan Abdullah II, who sponsors the Arab summit which is planned to be held in Amman next month, to take a firm standing with kings and presidents of Arab countries in order to save Burma Muslims from persecution and displacement.

The statement also urged relief charities in the Gulf countries to help Burma Muslims overcome the economic siege as well as to defend themselves. 

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