vendredi 24 février 2017

Israeli PM urges pardon for murderer soldier

Le Premier ministre sioniste demande le pardon du soldat meurtrier

Netanyahu wants the murderer to be pardoned in order not to make other Israeli soldiers
 to hesitate if they wanted to murder more Palestinians, Times of Israeli reported.

Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu urged on Thursday for pardoning the Israeli Jewish soldier Elor Azaria who murdered motionless Palestinian civilian in West Bank.

This remark came just two days after Israeli murderer was sentenced to 18 months in prison over shooting dead the disarmed and wounded Palestinian civilian Abdul-Fattah al-Sharif last year.

Al-Sharif was murdered in the West Bank city of Al-Khalil and the Israeli occupation, as usual, claimed that he planned to stab an Israeli soldier.

Last month, Netanyahu called for a pardon after the murderer was convicted of manslaughter in the case, joining other politicians who have urged that the soldier be granted clemency.

The crime of the murderer was exposed after a couple of days as a film for the shooting and killing of the motionless Palestinian civilian went viral on the internet.

In the film, the wounded Palestinian civilians was lying on the ground and he clearly appeared unarmed. The film surprised the Israeli officials and the Israeli media, who had claimed he was a terrorist before the film was aired.

Netanyahu urged the pardon in order not to deter the other Israeli soldiers when they decide to murder Palestinian civilians.

“Soldiers in dangerous situations could be deterred; therefore, there must be understanding and progress toward a pardon,” he said.

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