lundi 27 février 2017

Israeli occupation bans 500 kinds of raw materials to Gaza

L'occupation sioniste interdit 500 types de matières premières à Gaza

Gaza, ALRAY - Israeli occupation authorities banned the entry of more than 500 industrial and commercial materials into the Gaza Strip, the popular committee to lift Gaza siege said on Wednesday.

The committee explained that the Israeli occupation claimed that such materials are of "double usage".

The committee pointed out that Israeli occupation restrained entering raw materials that are needed for different industries to prevent and possible progress in this field which increase the workers suffering and factories owners.

The statement mentioned that cement and other materials used for building are still not allowed to Gaza, which prevent the reconstruction of homes destroyed in 2014 offensive against Gaza.

The committee confirmed that the siege imposed on the Gaza Strip since 2007 is a stark violation of the international law and human rights conventions. It demanded the international community to move seriously to change this reality and to put an end for this unjust condition.

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