jeudi 23 février 2017

Amnesty: Israel killed 110 Palestinian civilians in 2016

Amnesty International: "israel" a tué 110 civils palestiniens en 2016

Amnesty International report noted that Israeli officials who are responsible
for the serious infringement of Palestinian rights got away with impunity.

Amnesty International accused Israel on Wednesday of unlawful killing of 110 Palestinian civilians, including children in Israel, West Bank in 2016.

In its annual report, the organisation also said that the Israeli occupation authorities had arrested thousands of Palestinians who have spent or are spending prison terms without trial or under what is known as administrative detention.

The report also accused the Israeli occupation of torturing the Palestinian prisoners and mistreating them while inside prisons.

Meanwhile, it noted that Israeli officials who are responsible for the serious infringement of rights got away with impunity.

Furthermore, the report accused the Israel occupation of continuous promotion of illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank.

It also criticised the latest Israeli law which is attempting to retroactively legalise them after they were built on private Palestinian land.

The report also stated that Israel severely restricted Palestinians’ freedom of movement, closing some areas after claimed attacks by Palestinians.

Israeli forces continued to blockade the Gaza Strip, subjecting its population of 1.9 million to collective punishment, the report continued.

About homes and displacement, it said that Israeli continues demolishing homes of Palestinians in the West Bank and of Bedouin villagers in Al-Naqab, forcibly evicting residents.

The Israeli occupation authorities imprisoned conscientious objectors to military service and detained and deported thousands of asylum-seekers from Africa.

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