mardi 29 novembre 2016

Parliamentarians for Jerusalem Conference kicks off in Turkey

La Conférence des parlementaires pour Jérusalem débute en Turquie


Parliamentarians for Jerusalem Conference kicked off on Tuesday morning in the Turkish city of Istanbul under the auspices of the Turkish parliament.

The conference started in the presence of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and dozens of Arab and Islamic parliamentary figures.
415 MPs from more than 40 countries are scheduled to participate in the conference with the aim of discussing means of supporting Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause.

The Association of Parliamentarians for Jerusalem (PFJ) said in a statement issued Monday that the two-day conference aims to shed light on Israeli violations in occupied Jerusalem.

Head of the PFJ Sheikh Hamid Bin Abdullah al-Ahmar pointed out that there are ongoing Arab, Islamic, and international parliamentarian efforts to support Jerusalem and the Palestinian cause in general.

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