jeudi 24 octobre 2013

Veille citoyenne du CCY / Jeudi 24 octobre 2013 / Les événements en Egypte après le coup d’état militaire

Hamzawy: liberals displayed an incredible lack of commitment to democratic principles  

Amr Hamzawy
Since 3 July, the pro-democracy movement's acknowledgment of the need to distance itself from the parties and movements that failed the 2013 exam has been matched by the economic, financial and media elites' lack of commitment to the principles and values of democracy. Out of pure self-interest, the latter have restored a repressive regime against the interests of the people of Egypt

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Egypt's Salvation Front refuses to back Sabahi's presidential bid 

Hamdeen Sabahi
According to Majdi Hamdan, a member of the NSF and a leader in the Democratic Front Party, the Popular Current Party exercises considerable pressure on the Front to support Sabahi's candidacy 

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After the military coup, Egypt has become the most indebted country in Africa and the Middle East  
Egyptian Flag
The Economist reported that Egypt's debts now made up 79.8 per cent of its gross domestic product. According to the Economist, Egypt's debts totaled $234.4billion, putting the debt of each Egyptian at $2600 

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Jawadi: Al Sisi negotiates a "secure exit" for himself with the Americans  

Muhammed Jawadi

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