jeudi 6 décembre 2018

Hamas warns Israeli occupation against breaking ceasefire understandings

Le Hamas met en garde l'occupation "israélienne" contre la violation des accords de cessez-le-feu

Hamas leader Esam al-Dalis said that his movement has sent a message to the Egyptian Intelligence and all mediators of the ceasefire understandings with the Israeli Occupation.

In a press release, al-Dalis confirmed that Hamas called for placing pressure on the Israeli occupation to implement what has been agreed upon immediately.

“We hope the mediators could force the Israeli occupation to abide by what has been agreed upon,” al-Dalis added.

Al-Dalis noted that the Palestinian people took to Gaza’s eastern borders calling for their demands to be met, the foremost among them is lifting the Israeli siege on Gaza.

The Hamas leader reiterated that all Palestinian factions had listed a group of demands noting that the Israeli occupation expressed its willingness to meet them.

If the Israeli occupation did not honour their commitments to the mediators, al-Dalis warned, the Palestinian factions would meet to decide how to act afterwards.

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