jeudi 6 décembre 2018

Checking, interrogating with Palestinian minors in Ramallah

Vérifier, interroger des mineurs palestiniens à Ramallah

Ramallah, ALRAY – The Israeli occupation forces (IOF) have broken into Palestinian houses and interrogated minors in Deir Nezam, to the northwest of Ramallah on Wednesday at dawn.

Eyewitnesses reported for ALRAY that the IOF raided the village, broke into houses, ransacked the houses, and detained Palestinian minors.

The IOF detained the chief of the village council, Belal Tamimi after ransacked his home, while continuing to carry out a field investigation with a group of Palestinian minors.

Deir Nezam village is witnessed daily basis raids, allegedly claimed that Palestinians threw stones and Molotov cocktail on the Israeli vehicles.

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