jeudi 8 novembre 2018

Islamic Jihad: Fatah conceded 78% of historical Palestine

Jihad islamique: le Fatah a concédé 78% de la Palestine historique

Image of Islamic Jihad Movement leader Ahmad Al Mudallal
 on 9 March 2017 [Mustafa Hassona/Anadolu Agency]

Islamic Jihad leader Khalid Al-Batch said that Fatah, who conceded 78 per cent of historical Palestine, is the party which imposed punitive measures on the Gaza Strip.

Speaking to local radio Al-Batch responded to “claims” made by the head of Fatah Parliamentarian Bloc Azzam Al-Ahmad that Islamic Jihad only wanted a water passage for the Gaza Strip.

“The sea passage was not Islamic Jihad’s only demand, but [the demand of] all the Palestinian factions who refused to leave one faction [Fatah] to monopolise the life of the Gaza residents,” Al-Batch said.

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He said that Fatah conceded 78 per cent of the area of historical Palestine and imposed sanctions on the Palestinians who rejected these concessions.

This verbal tirade came after the announcement of a package of concessions for Gaza residents Palestinian factions in Gaza said Israel had approved under the pressure of the Great March of Return protests which started on 30 March.

These concessions were brokered by Egypt and reached against the will of the Palestinian Authority and Fatah President Mahmoud Abbas.

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