vendredi 6 juillet 2018

When peaceful protests and reporting are a crime

Quand les manifestations pacifiques et les reportages sont un crime

As a Palestinian whose father was displaced from Al-Ramla I consider taking part in the Great March of Return a duty. As a journalist, regardless of the dangers, reporting on Israeli crimes is my job.

Palestinian medical staff carry a wounded woman during a protest within the 'Great March of Return' demonstrations near Israel-Gaza border in Gaza City, Gaza on 3 July, 2018 [Ashraf Amra/Anadolu Agency]

On 11 May I charged my mobile phone, filled my car with petrol and headed to partake in the seventh Friday of the “Great March of Return” along with thousands of civilians in the Gaza Strip. As a Palestinian joining the protests is the norm, but I am also a journalist and reporting on Israeli aggression against peaceful protesters is my duty.

I arrived in the area at around 16:45 when protesters in Gaza city, where I live, came together. The demonstrators were sharing memories and the stories that had been narrated to them by their parents and their grandparents of their homes in historic Palestine, of life before the Nakba of 1948, before Zionist militias forced Palestinians out of their homes and the state of Israel was created.

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