lundi 30 avril 2018

Israel wounded 30 Palestinian athletes in Gaza

3Israël3 a blessé 30 athlètes palestiniens à Gaza

One of them is a footballer shot in two feet and had one of his knees damaged.

Israeli occupation forces shot, wounded 30 Palestinian athletes in besieged Gaza Strip since start of Great March of Return demonstrations on 30 March, Palestinian sports ministry said on Sunday.

Several were shot in the head and were in a critical condition, the ministry added.

“A number of the wounded had their lower limbs amputated such as Alaa al-Dali who was preparing to represent Palestinian in the Asia tournament.”

In addition, the ministry said that the footballer Mohamed Obaid was shot in both of his feet and is suffering severe damage in one of his knees.

The ministry went on to call on the international community and human rights groups to stand up for and “protect Palestinian youth, children and women.”

He also called for opening an investigation into the Israeli crimes against the peaceful demonstrators, as well as affording proper treatment and healthcare for those who were wounded during the Israeli crackdown on demonstrators. 

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