lundi 28 août 2017

Rafah crossing opens for pilgrims and humanitarian cases

La frontière de Rafah ouvre pour les pèlerins et les cas humanitaires

Rafah, ALRAY – Egyptian authority opened Rafah crossing, exceptionally, on Sunday morning in both directions for the pilgrims of Makruma, which is a grant from King of Saudi Arabia for martyrs' families, and humanitarian cases.

It will be opened till Monday evening.

Our correspondent reported that the Egyptian authority opened the gate at 10.30 a.m. and allowed one bus to enter the Egyptian territory.

Border and crossings authority and the ministry of interior published a list of passengers scheduled to travel today.

The authority also published a list of crucial diseases and cancer patients to travel through Rafah crossing on Monday.

The Egyptian authority closed the crossing point for 223 days and opened it for 13 days this year, this is because of the unstable situation in Sinai and the reforms in the crossing point.
The closure of Rafah crossing point caused a severe humanitarian crisis in Gaza and deprived 30.000 Palestinians of travelling.

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