samedi 29 juillet 2017

Israeli occupation forces kills three Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza

Les forces d'occupation sionistes tuent trois Palestiniens en Cisjordanie et à Gaza


Israeli occupations forces killed today three Palestinians during clashes after Friday prayers in several Palestinian areas in West bank and Gaza strip according local sources.

According to eyewitnesses Israeli occupation forces killed Palestinian young man south of Bethlehem On charges of trying to carry out an attack to stab Israeli soldiers at Gush Etzion settlement, according to Israeli allegations.

The Israeli Occupation soldiers positioned the body of ‘Abdullah’ Ali Mahmoud Taqtqa, 23,years from Marah Ma’alla village, south of Bethlehem, in a black bag. then transferred to an unknown destination.

The second martyr is from Gaza Strip where he was killed on the eastern border of the Gaza Strip and Israel.

According to media sources in Gaza, clashes broke out because of what happening in al aqsa mosque in different areas on the borders with Israel.

The broke out at Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing northern Gaza Strip, and in east of the Martyrs’ cemetery east of Jabalya, east of Khan Younis.

During the confrontations, the Israeli army killed Abderrahmane Hussein Abu Gmeisah 20 years in East Bureij according medical sources.

In Hizma town north of Jerusalem hundreds of people buried the body of the martyr Mohammed Fathi Kanaan, 26 years old, who was pronounced dead last night after he was wounded in clashes with the occupation three days ago.

The clash with Israeli forces broke out in Jerusalem,West bank,Gaza strip after Israel authorities restricted access to the Al-Aqsa Mosque on friday prayers.

The Israeli occupation police decided to bar men under the age of 50 from entering the the site.

During the mid-day prayers, thousands of men who didn’t meet the age requirement gathered near checkpoints outside the Al Aqsa mosque.

Hizma town

Hizma town
Hizma town

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