vendredi 7 juillet 2017

Israel, PA threaten life of Gaza cancer patients

"israel" et l'AP menacent la vie des patients atteints du cancer à Gaza

There are 50 patients diagnosed with certain types of cancer
 have not received their treatment in the last 5 months

Gaza, ALRAY, Cancer is the second leading cause of death among people in the beleaguered Gaza Strip.

The proportion of people diagnosed with cancer was going high in the strip during the last period, amid the aggravation of their suffering due to lack of medication and refusing the Palestinian authority (PA) to refer them to treatment in hospitals outside Gaza.

“People diagnosed with cancer in the blockaded Gaza Strip reached 1600; they are treated at only Al-Rantisi and European hospitals,” a radiation oncologist consultant at Al-Rantisi hospital Awad Aeshan told Alray.

Aeshan added that Al-Rantisi hospital receives daily 200 patients diagnosed with cancer, including 40 to 50 patients are in an urgent need to be treated in hospitals outside Gaza.

Aeshan said that there is a patient diagnosed with brain cancer recently permitted to leave Gaza for treatment, but Israeli Authorities prevented the patient from leaving the beleaguered Gaza Strip five times, which led to the patient’s death.

Aeshan indicated that another patient diagnosed with lung cancer was denied permit to leave the Strip for treatment two times, which led to worsening the patient’s condition.

Aeshan added that the patient’s medical referral was approved late after pressure and intervention of international institutions.

He pointed out that another patient diagnosed with prostate cancer constantly suffers from severe pain throughout the entire body, indicating that the patient’s medical referral was rejected due to lack of financial coverage via the PA.

He noted that several patients died because of delaying their medical referrals, lacking medication, lacking of financial coverage via the PA, besides security prevention by the Israeli occupation.

Aeshan appealed liberals of the world to help people diagnosed with cancer who suffer badly, and to stop this medical massacre before it is too late, confirming that youth and medical movement will continue until the end of their suffering.

“The PA stop providing Gaza hospitals with medicines almost three months ago, which led to create a dilemma, especially to those people who are diagnosed with cancer,” Talha Balousha, a pharmacist at Al-Rantisi hospital, told Alray.

Balousha pointed out that there are 50 patients diagnosed with certain types of cancer have not received their treatment in the last 5 months, which badly affect their health and threaten their lives.

“For almost three months I was not received any dose of medication, especially after the balance of medications at Al-Rantisi hospital reached zero, which puts my life in danger,” Um Muhammed, who suffers from cancer, told Alray.

Um Muhammed called upon liberals of the world, people of conscience and all those concerned with the PA to have compassion on them, to take an urgent action to provide medication to all patients, especially to those diagnosed with cancer and to allow them to leave Gaza in order to receive their medical treatment outside.

It is worth mentioning that Gaza’s Health Ministry announced that the PA still holds documents to hundreds of Gazans who are in need of permission to seek treatment in hospitals outside the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Ashraf al-Qedra, Gaza's Health Ministry spokesperson, said that the PA still holds documents to more than 2500 patients who are waiting for a political signature.

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