vendredi 14 juillet 2017

Israel approves 800 new settlement units in Jerusalem

"israel" approuve 800 nouvelles unités de colonisation à Jérusalem
Around 800,000 Israeli Jewish squatters live in hundreds of illegal Israeli Jewish 
settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jerusalem and the US is happy with them.

Israeli occupation municipality in Jerusalem approved on Thursday plans to build 800 new Israeli Jewish settlement units in the occupied holy city.

The source, which revealed the news, said that 276 settlement units, would be built in the illegal settlement of Pisgat Zeev, 120 in Nafe Jacob, 200 in Ramot and 202 in Jilo.

According to the source, the approval of the Jewish municipality on this plan means that it would be turned to the regional planning committee for planning and construction in the Israeli interior ministry to get the needed approval.

Head of the Israeli Jewish Municipality of Jerusalem Nir Barakat said: “Construction in Jerusalem will strongly continue in order to get as many of the Jewish youths live in Israel’s capital as possible.”

The source said that this is part of a settlement plan, which was frozen during the reign of the former US President Barack Obama, and it was unfrozen after the inauguration of the current President Donald Trump.

Donald Trump said several times that he does not see that the Israeli Jewish settlement is an obstacle to any peace efforts.

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