vendredi 7 juillet 2017

Hanyieh’s speech is historic and we call to take its positive indications: Factions

Les factions : Le discours de Hanyieh est historique et nous appellons à en tirer les points positifs

Gaza, ALRAY – Palestinian factions and forces described the speech of head of Political bureau of Hamas movement Ismail Hanyieh as historical, calling to take its positive indications and end the division.

Palestinian Ahrar movement affirmed that Hanyieh’s speech carried a clear vision of the factors that transcend the Palestinian crises and achieve internal reconciliation.

The movement pointed out that the speech drew a roadmap to get out of the current crisis, expressing hope that the speech will be heard by President Mahmoud Abbas and his faction.

The National Struggle Front described Hanyieh's speech as "historic", which confirms that the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas and the resistance factions adhere to the Palestinian national rights and will not compromise or surrender.

The speech showed an advanced national awareness of the policy of national partnership for all Palestinians with no absence of any Palestinian side, but to benefit from all for the benefit of the homeland and the Palestinian citizen, the front added.

According to the statement, the speech showed Hamas' keenness to end the division and called on the Palestinian Authority to implement what was agreed upon in previous rounds of reconciliation and to lift all unfair measures against the citizens of Gaza from electricity, salaries, fuel and medicine and treatment of patients abroad.

The speech frankly pointed out that Hamas is not afraid of the elections and that it is ready to fight in a single package of presidential and legislative elections and the elections of the National Council and the Central Council of the Organization and to implement the decisions of the Revolutionary Council of Fatah movement to stop security coordination with the Israeli occupation.

In the context, the Front considered that there is an appropriate opportunity for Palestinian-Palestinian reconciliation without external interference and that the PA should make positive use of this opportunity in order to preserve the national interest of Palestinian people.

In turn, the Palestinian Mujahideen Movement stressed that Haniyeh's speech carried many positive references on which to build upon.
"The speech was comprehensive and keen on the true Palestinian unity that brings all the national spectrums together on the basis of partnership," the mujahideen added in a statement.

The movement additionally called on the PA to stop the escalatory steps against Gaza Strip in response to the “American and Israeli pressure."

The Mujahideen pointed out that Haniyeh's speech laid the foundation stone for a new phase that would break down from the constraints of the Oslo agreement, which brought the woes on the Palestinian people and did not achieve anything at all levels.

Haniyeh reviewed on Wednesday the priorities of his movement for the next phase, calling on the factions to formulate a unified strategy based on common denominators and forming a government of national unity.

He stressed in a lengthy speech in Gaza City, the first since he headed the Political Bureau of Hamas, on the unity of the Palestinian people, pointing out that his people "resisted settlement and confronted the aggression and siege and all attempts to Judaization and stopped in the face of displacement and attempts to wipe off the Palestinian identity"

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