vendredi 7 juillet 2017

Detained minors fined 42,000 shekels in Ofer jail last month

Une amende de 42000 shekels au total pour les détenus mineurs de la prison d'Ofer au cours du mois passé


Detainees and Ex-detainees Committee revealed that Israeli occupation authorities (IOA) fined Palestinian detained juveniles in Ofer Israeli jail a total of 42,000 shekels in June.

In a statement on Thursday, the committee pointed out that this number represents a remarkable increase compared to fines imposed on young prisoners in the previous month. Israeli occupation judiciary has recently been imposing too expensive fines on Palestinian prisoners in general as a punitive policy.

Around 35 detained minors were held in juveniles’ section in Ofer jail after being arrested from different locations last month. They all were subjected to different forms of torture during detention time or transfers to detention centers, military camps and settlements, the statement highlighted.

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