vendredi 14 juillet 2017

Bahar: Gazans as deep-seated in their motherland as palm trees

Bahar : Les Gazaouis sont profondément ancrés dans leur patrie comme des palmiers

First deputy speaker of the Palestinian Legislative Council, Ahmed Bahar, said Gaza’s population will remain deep-rooted in their motherland as a palm tree is in its soil.

“Gazans shall stay in their motherland. Jews must leave the Palestinian territories the soonest,” said Bahar. “The Palestinian people will forever remain faithful to their native soil until every inch of it is liberated.”

“Gaza, the West Bank, and Occupied Jerusalem are indivisible. They make part of the same geographic and socio-political entity. We will oust whoever incites against Gaza,” vowed Bahar.

Speaking during a ceremony held in Gaza to honor secondary school laureates, Bahar said Gazans will stand their ground despite the wounds inflicted by the blockade and the power crisis.

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