vendredi 2 juin 2017

Yildirim vows in a telephone call to solve electricity crisis in Gaza

Yildirim s'engages lors d'un appel téléphonique à résoudre la crise de l'électricité à Gaza

Turkish Prime Minister Ali Yildirim

Gaza, ALRAY - Turkish Prime Minister Ali Yildirim vowed Wednesday in a telephone call to the Head of the Political Bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas Ismail Haniyeh that Turky is working on finding a solution for the electricity crisis in Gaza Strip.

A statement issued by Hamas explained that Yildirim discussed with Haniyeh the electricity crisis in Gaza and promised to find solutions for it, pointing that the Turkish grant to pay fuel for power plant.

The electricity crisis has been aggravated since the end of the Qatari and Turkish fuel grant in last April , coincided with imposing fees on buying fuel for the power plant.

Yildrim praised the political document issued recently by Hamas and considered it an opportunity to bring Hamas and Fatah more closer.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the new political document of Hamas is an important step both for the Palestinian cause and for realizing consensus between the Hamas and Fatah.

The Islamic Resistance Movement of Hamas, launched in the beginning of May its Political Document "General Principles and Policies.
Yildrim noted that his country pursue the settlement and Jerusalem issue closely in different levels , hoping that peace and stability overwhelm Palestine.

From his part, Heniyah expressed his gratitude with this telephone call, and congratulate Turkey with Ramadan holy month and stressed that the Relation between Hamas and Turkey is strong
Qatar and Turkey are considered the biggest allayers for Hamas , beside its good alliances with a number of countries, organizations and movements around the world.

Haniyah put Turkish prime minister in the recent developments regarding settlements and Israeli occupation measures in occupied Jerusalem, including the Israeli occupation government meeting at Buraqwall.

The Israeli occupation government has convened in a tunnel under Buraq wall, in a precedent the first of its kind since 1967.

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