vendredi 16 juin 2017

The PIC condemns the PA decision to block the website

Le PIC condamne la décision de l'AP de bloquer son site web


The administration of the Palestinian Information Center (PIC) condemned the Ramallah general prosecutor Mohamed Barak’s decision to block 11 websites; most prominent the PIC wide-spread
online news website.

In a statement on Thursday, the PIC administration expressed concerns over the blatant targeting of the freedom of speech and repressing the media. The PIC described the decision as an unjustified and irrational move serving only the Israeli occupation.

The PIC hoped that the Palestinian Authority (PA) will retract the unfair decision, and undertook to exert legal and technical efforts in order to cancel the unjust step as soon as possible.

The blocked website called for following its social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and to subscribe in its WhatsApp and Telegram news groups.

The PIC is the first and oldest Palestinian news website as it was launched 20 years ago in eight languages. It is concerned with reporting news on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict as well as unveiling and exposing the Israeli crimes to the world.

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