vendredi 23 juin 2017

Israel keeps siege on Gaza as long as Hamas remains a threat: Israeli army

"israel" maintient le siège de Gaza tant que le Hamas demeure une menace : l'armée sioniste

Gaza, ALRAY - The commander of the southern region of the Israeli occupation army, Eyal Zamir vowed to continue the siege on Gaza which has been imposed for 11 years, as long as Hamas remains a threat to Israel .

"Gaza main problems will not be solved, as long as Hamas remains a threat to Israel,” Zamir said in a ceremony marking the 30th anniversary of the forming Gaza troop.

He re-assert that the Israeli army will forcibly attack Hamas in Gaza if any escalation breaks.

He said that they live in a volatile period, and the organizations in Gaza are still forming a security challenge for Israel that will last a long time. “We pledge to protect our borders and our citizens,” he stressed.

Zamir said that in the next escalation with Gaza they will attack Hamas in every place , as Israeli army keeps developing its military capabilities. He said that they well know that they have to work quickly and forcibly in order to fight it out.

However, he stressed the Israeli army’s equation that calm will confront by calm.

Regarding land invasion, he said that the Israeli army has to work widely ,rapidly and forcibly to fight clinch any next war.

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