mercredi 21 juin 2017

Hamas, Islamic Jihad condemn PA participation in Herzliya Conference

Hamas et le Jihad Islamique condamnent l'AP pour sa participation-à la conférence d'Herzliya


Hamas and Islamic Jihad movements condemned on Tuesday the participation of Palestinian Authority (PA) and Fatah Movement in Israel's National Security Conference being held in Herzliya city in 1948 Occupied Palestine.

In a press statement, the Hamas spokesman Abdullatif Qanoa called for bringing PA and Fatah participants in the conference to account. “This gives Israeli occupation authorities the green light to commit more crimes against the Palestinian people”, he said.

The Islamic Jihad spokesman, Daoud Shehab, said the participants in the conference do not represent the Palestinian people. “Their move will bring more siege and aggression on Gaza Strip and more settlement and Judaization plans in Occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank”, he added. 

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