lundi 19 juin 2017

Aid ship heads toward Gaza

Un navire d'aide humanitaire, considéré comme le troisième navire depuis l'accord de réconciliation entre Israël et la Turquie, se dirige dimanche vers Gaza depuis le port de Mersin, au sud de la Turquie.

Ankara, ALRAY – A humanitarian aid ship, which is considered to be the third ship since the reconciliation deal between Israel and Turkey, heads on Sunday towards Gaza from Mersin port, south of Turkey.

Veysi Kaynak, the deputy prime minister, said that the ship doesn't only carry humanitarian aid, but it also carries a great deal of love and sympathy towards Palestinians.

Moreover, Kaynak highlighted the fact that, according to the Organization of Economics, Coordination, and Development (OECD), Turkey is considered to be among the most generous counties in the world in terms of providing humanitarian aid to the oppressed.

Kaynak also clarified that Turkey has achieved a remarkable feat in terms of economy and politics.

Turkey has provided the Gaza Strip with humanitarian aid under the reconciliation deal with Israel which was made in June, 2016.

It's worth mentioning that the ship is loaded with 50000 piece of clothes, 20000 pieces of stationary, 18000 game pieces for children, 50000 bags of food.

In addition, the ship is loaded with motorcycles, 5000 tons of flour, 100 tons of biscuits and chocolate, and 100 wheel-chairs.

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